May Horoscopes

Aries. 3-21 to 4-19
With the planet Mars your planetary ruler in the fire sign of Leo it’s time to assert yourself. Start within the area of the home. I’m sure you have a honey do list, so lets get it out and start checking things off the list. You’ll be surprised how quickly and efficiently your able to repair, fix or replace items. Then it’s time to channel that same energy into the work area. Even though the economy is very fragile right now, others want to listen to you then sign on the dotted line. The word no is not an option for you. You get things done, not only for the self but others. The love life gets moving also. With your poise and confidence, no more lonely nights. Try and keep in mind that this month, you need to get your way, it’s all about your rights.

Taurus. 4-20 to 5-20
Well, let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday. Make sure you blow out all those candles because your wishes could come true. With that said there might be some people around you that are just a little bit jealous and envious of you. It’s interesting isn’t it how others think that everything has just been given to you. Well it’s your persistence and determination in the work area that has allowed you to enjoy the good things of life. So, you have another month of joy and happiness but it’s only because of your personal efforts to succeed. With the New Moon on the 5th in your sign it stimulates the abundance of money. Take some of it and put it into a new investment. Take some more and wine and dine that person that holds your heart.

Gemini. 5-21 to 6-21
For the most part, this month should be quite exciting. But that’s only when you have control. Doing things that you usually don’t do is where the excitement is. So, you need to take the lead and those that follow are going to thank you for the fun and games of life that only you can lead them to. I personally love Gemini’s because they never grow up. They understand that life is just a game. You’re going to find that other’s want to talk more than ever with you. There’s actually going to be some dialogue this month. It’s been some time since those hormones have been activated so you need to embrace the person that gets your heart beating and with that workout you can forget the gym.

Cancer. 6-22 to 7-22
This is one of those months, that instead of putting away those things that belong to the month of winter you need to pack it all up and take it to the Good Will, not the attic or the closet. What is it about your sign that wants to save things? Now you get a chance to go out and buy new things that are more appropriate for you in this here and now. You need to get use to this. You need to radically start changing yourself and everything in your life. It’s time for that breath of fresh air and introduce the new you to the next chapter of life. New job, new place to live new girlfriend or boyfriend. Now doesn’t that sound better than you turning into a mundane robot? Begin making a concerted effort to do and bring about new things.

Leo. 7-23 to 8-23
You should be resolving issues this month that have been going on for about a year now. Remember when you thought you wanted this or that so you signed contracts that locked you into the seduction of that illusion. Well, we all have to learn financial lessons; at least it will never happen again. Now that you’ve got extra money, it’s time for some personal updates. Dentist, doctor, salon, nails and the mall. With Mars the planet of motivation in your sign this month, it’s a time to push yourself to the extreme not only in the personal area but also at work. You as well as your ideas are well received by those in a position of power. Take a good look at this moment, it won’t be that much longer that others are going to walk in your office to pitch you their ideas.

Virgo. 8-24 to 9-22
It’s time to indulge yourself and get out and enjoy what life has to offer. It’s not all about work. It’s time to get personal, to materialize your intentions. Get started on the 5th it’s a New Moon, that’s the time to plant your seeds. You need to get a little bit more color in your hair and change the lipstick and perfume. You’re starting to move forward and in order to do that, embrace change. We want the visual part of you to look just as good as to what is within you. Get the social life moving and instead waiting for an invitation to go out, why don’t you get on the phone and invite your friends out for dinner and drinks. Because of your strong intuition you may feel that people are looking at you. Well, they are and if it feels good and looks good then why don’t you walk over and sit in their lap. That will be a first, but the personal reward is what it’s all about.

Libra. 9-23 to 10-23
You may have a few legal problems this month so you still need to remember that other people are not negotiating in good faith. It’s one of those times that if looks to good to be true then get ready for the knife in the back. The rest of the month looks to be very productive but at times demanding for you. You have spread yourself pretty thin these last few months in the work area as well as relationships. At times, anger was part of your thought patterns. Well your devotion to your own heart begins to honor you with the gifts of the Gods. One opportunity after another begins to open up your life with rewards. Money, which has been in short supply, rains on you. Get ready to see your name in lights. The puzzle is almost solved.

Scorpio. 10-24 to 11-22
There may be some minor confrontations this month with people and elements of life around the 19th which is the Full Moon. Get that overdue tune-up on the car and you need to pay attention to the rules on the highway. It’s a stiff penalty if you don’t. Try and listen to the whole sentence before you interrupt because you think you know what the person is saying or are even bored with the conversation. There’s a certain degree of impatience so why not channel that into more constructive areas, like cleaning up the office or home and get out to the store and update your technical surroundings. Also, when was the last time you had a physical? Get the social life moving by taking in a concert or sporting event. I certainly hope you’re in a relationship because your libido is off the charts.

Sagittarius. 11-23 to 12-21
Just like last month you still have a very productive attitude. This reservoir of energy allows you to start and finish some of the more demanding projects that have been on your list. With the thinking patterns in high gear, it’s time to tackle those intellectual pursuits of yours. Call or write people that you’ve been thinking about but you just haven’t had the time. Now you do. Get on the couch and finish that book you started months ago. This month is the time to organize and with your conviction of thought plan out with every detail with what you hope to accomplish in the next six  months. You are a person that needs intellectual stimulation so when it comes to relationships this month, when you get bored with the conversation the rest of the relationship will be just as boring. This is not a time to give someone the benefit of a doubt, just move on quickly.

Capricorn. 12-22 to 1-20
I would be oh so surprised if everything this month did not go your way. Because you’re into work let’s start there. Your determination to succeed pays off with others recognizing your worth, so be prepared for a promotion. If you’re in a position that you own your company then look for an abundance of clients that give long term security. There may be not only formal affairs for you to go to but there may be one in which you are the honored guest. Make sure you get to the store and buy some new clothes for the occasion. It’s also a time in which the past occupies the present. Whether it’s running in to old friends or a family or school reunion, you should attend. I mean weren’t you voted to be the one to succeed in life? Let them know they were right about you.

Aquarius. 1-21 to 2-18
That roller coaster you’ve been on is about to come to a stop. Finally your life that has been full of change that has even produced separation and loss, begins to become cohesive. Even though you are the sign of reform and change the last few months have cause you to go to the medicine cabinet. So, whether it’s a new job, new place to live or even a new relationship, the heart begins to beat again. As time passes you create a new reality for yourself and others that are close to you. Now you will be less reluctant when the unexpected knocks on your door. You are the sign of our future; we all admire you, for you do what we can only dream of doing. I mean how many of us will really go sky diving.

Pisces. 2-19 to 3-20
You may notice a few more roadblocks in your life this month. You could receive bad news or maybe people just don’t understand where you’re coming from. That as well as other things can create a bit of confusion in the life. You seem to want to hold onto the past. Is it fear or insecurity that keeps you from letting go? You need to make a determined effort to open up the door and embrace the word change. It’s your future. A greater happiness to enjoy personal fulfillment. Art and music are excellent antidotes for you, so get to the store and get yourself a new camera, art supplies or CD’s. Get out with friends and once again understand its new people that we want to hold are hand.

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