March Horoscopes

Aries. 3-21 to 4-19
You’re planetary ruler, the planet Mars is in the sign of Cancer this month. This can produce a lot of sticky situations. Try to butter up just a little bit your reactions to negative influences. No need to fly off the handle here. Get into the garden a little bit early now so you can siphon off some of this anger. Even better start some projects in the home and watch you don’t slam that hammer into your thumb. Opportunities need to be seriously scrutinized. Not a time to jump to conclusions. It is a time of introspection so sit down and start thinking about the changes you want to make in your life. Maybe one of these changes is to start sharing yourself with a specific person and quit playing the field.

Taurus. 4-20 to 5-20
This looks like it may be one of the best months for you all year. It’s hard to believe anything could go wrong. You need to get out and enjoy the world of art and entertainment as well as the people connected with them. If you can travel especially to warm waters this could be another element that brings joy and happiness. Great time to ask for a promotion or take a test. This is a month to keep active and organize and prioritize the home and office. I know you’re very cautious with money but a trip to a casino could pay for itself and a lot more. Explore new interests and there’s a person that wants to be the object of your passion.

Gemini. 5-21 to 6-21
You know that once in a while there is a day that forces you to do a shot of tequila whether it’s a Saturday or a Tuesday. Well, this is one of those months. Just day to day stress especially from work. Don’t you get tired of being the mediator? You might as well be a kindergartner teacher with all that infantile behavior, and it’s all coming from adults. A little bit of rearranging and readjustments get things moving forward again and calm others down. Get to the gym and sweat out the toxins that you’ve been dealing with. And give your better half a workout they will never forget. Look for things to culminate with the New Moon on the 7th and the Full Moon on the 21st.

Cancer. 6-22 to 7-22
You’ve been waiting for the Sun to peak through with its warmth and here it is. A time to get into what your sign is all about, the home. Time to think about that pond that you’ve been wanting to put in the back yard and just maybe a nine-person hot tub. I know you think you can do this yourself but get the checkbook out and let others materialize your ideas. You seem to have more than one person coming in from out of town. They want you to wine and dine them but what they really want is for you to let them move in. You need to finish up some of these projects of yours before you even think of sharing your home with someone that’s wants what you can buy instead of what’s in your heart.

Leo. 7-23 to 8-23
Spring is coming and you can feel it. There are so many changes going on with not only nature but with your friends. See that’s the problem. You can’t seem to lock down anything at the moment. How frustrating. You’re ready to go but you’re still waiting for the limo. You need to be patient just a little bit here. Sometimes things don’t happen when you want them but you need to understand there is a greater good that is to come from this moment. Many elements of your life, like a new job, new place to live and a new relationship that is worthy of your devoted love are moments away. Keep the faith. The Full Moon on the 21st will shine on you but the things you want may be in another state. Maybe that’s why things haven’t been working out here.

Virgo. 8-24 to 9-22
This month things could be a little up and down. With the personal planets being in the sign of Pisces, your opposite, expect disagreements, confusion and a few knots in the stomach. You may think that they are right and give in to their thinking. Why not just go out on the Full Moon and have a vampire suck the blood out of you. Take a deep breath here and understand you need to assert yourself because you’ve got new things to do and places to go and a new person to do things with. Throw out the trash that is around you and start living your life. You’ve got some people around you in which misery loves coming. You need a new posse in which you’re in command. You need a new bathing suit, get two little pieces. Get to the beach and have that new person rub you down with some lotion and remember you’re at the beach not in your bedroom.

Libra. 9-23 to 10-23
Time to provoke the self and grab the reins of what you want for yourself in life. Abandon all that seek to deny your bill of rights. Take just a moment to feel guilty and then start enjoying what your heart has been craving for lifetimes. Now you need to understand that others are not going to take this lying down. I think in the long run this is good for it will only validate your intention. Do not give the enemy the benefit of a doubt. They are out to destroy you. Man your battle stations. Not only do you conquer your foe but your fear. Now, don’t you feel better about yourself? Your career is about to be activated with several opportunities. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

Scorpio. 10-24 to 11-22
Like the sign of Taurus what’s not to like about this month. It’s important to be open for opportunities that can deal with reforming your life. This means looking beyond the end of the street for new intentions to manifest in your life. The greater the change the more excitement it brings to the personal self. Yes, it’s a great month to socialize in formal as well as informal settings. Everyone wants to hear your views on a variety of subjects. You’re one of those signs that knows things inside and out. This is part of your personality to be intense and esoteric but it’s very refreshing for others. There’s a part of you that is feeling stagnate. Examine what in life is doing that to you and think about taking the fork in the road. You actually may take a break from sex. It’s one of those things that too much of something gets old. I can’t believe I’m saying that to a Scorpio.

Sagittarius. 11-23 to 12-21
You need to get out of the house, and quick. Maybe it’s just been a long winter but I think your going to short circuit without any kind of human contact. You are one of the only signs that can amuse the self but there are no more jokes to tell. Try doing new things one step at a time. Make it a long gradual change. Maybe you could get out of town and visit friends or family. Get out and socialize and head for the bar. Don’t play anymore games with the self and have a shot of anything that will loosen you up. Don’t worry about buying another drink, there are going to be a lot of people that will do that for you. And why, because your worth knowing.

Capricorn. 12-22 to 1-20
It’s one of the months that you get to work and work and work. Only you would say what fun. Try and get out of the office so you can have business and pleasure. You are able to get people to sign on the dotted line. Don’t think that this isn’t going to produce excellent results. There’s more than applause at the office. Look to talk about the new position that is being offered to you. You’re not one of the more demonstrative kind of signs but you’ve got an increase in your libido so flowers and a good bottle of wine will win the hearts of many. This might be a good time to narrow down the field.

Aquarius. 1-21 to 2-18
You usually shake hands with the elements of change. Well, this month the lighting bolt has struck and will shake what you thought were some permanent foundations. You must act quickly here to readjust and rearrange your life. And while things need to move fast you are able to take charge so that all this change turns out to be much more than what you expected it to be. Of course much needs to be done and it seems that your name gets called on the most to address the issues. Some things irritate you as well as those are close to you but you’re the most equipped to handle all this so strut your stuff and take charge of everything. That’s the only way that all will turn out well. Don’t concentrate on what you’re leaving but the excitement of what is to come.

Pisces. 2-19 to 3-20
Happy birthday. I hope your friends are as good to you on this day as you are for them. The New Moon on the 7th is your moment to launch all that you wish to manifest. There aren’t that many times in life in which you truly are in charge of your destiny, but certainly this month there’s a strong assertive urge by you to go out and conquer the world. And, you do, and without guilt. That will be a first. This is also a good month to attend events that deal with art and music or show off your own individual talents. And the love life, you’re a water sign but I think it’s going to be steam heat for you. Better get a fan to help cool you down.

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