Marathon will close some Nashville streets on Saturday

The Country Music Marathon will be in Nashville this weekend and that means somes roads in and around Nashville will be closed for short periods.

The marathon course will be set up by 6 a.m. Police and traffic controllers will be on post at that time. Vehicles will not be allowed to drive on the course and all detours will be in place. Some cars may be allowed across the course and in some cases can be permitted to drive on the course for short distances.

At 6:45 AM the course is closed.

During the race, cars may be sent across the course when police officers determine it is safe to do so.

Please be patient and expect delays. 

Below is a list of city street and freeway offramp closures.  

City Street Closures

  • 3AM to 9:00AM: West End Avenue from 31st Avenue to 21st Avenue
  • 6AM to 8:15AM: West End Avenue from 21st Avenue to 16th Avenue
  • 6AM to 8:15AM: Broadway from 16th Avenue to 12th Avenue
  • 6AM to 8:20AM: 12th Avenue from Broadway to Demonbreun
  • 6AM to 8:30AM: Demonbreun from 12th Avenue to Music Row Roundabout 
  • 6AM to 8:30AM: Music Row Roundabout from Demonbreun to 17th Avenue
  • 6AM to 9:00AM: 17th Avenue from Music Row Roundabout to Magnolia
  • 6AM to 9:00AM: Magnolia (SB Only) from 17th Avenue to 18th Avenue
  • 6AM to 10:30AM: 18th Avenue from Magnolia to Portland Avenue
  • 6AM to 10:30AM: Portland Avenue from 18th Avenue to Belmont Boulevard
  • 6AM to 10:30AM: Belmont Boulevard from Portland Avenue to Clifton
  • 6AM to 9:50AM: Clifton from Belmont Boulevard to Lealand
  • 6AM to 9:50AM: Lealand from Clifton to Battlefield
  • 6AM to 10:00AM: Battlefield from Lealand to Belmont Boulevard
  • 6AM to 11:00AM: 16th Avenue from Magnolia to Division Street
  • 6AM to 10:55AM: Division Street from 16th Avenue to 12th Avenue South
  • 6AM to 11:20AM: 12th Avenue South from Division Street to 11th Avenue Industrial
  • 6AM to 11:25AM: 11th Avenue Industrial from 12th Avenue South to Charlotte Avenue
  • 6AM to 11:20AM: Charlotte Avenue (WB Only) from 11th Avenue Industrial to 10th Circle North
  • 6AM to 11:30AM: 10th Circle North from Charlotte Avenue to 8th Avenue
  • 6AM to 11:45AM: Southbound 8th Avenue from James Robertson Pkwy to Dominican
  • 6AM to 1:10PM: Northbound 8th Avenue from James Robertson Pkwy to Dominican
  • 6AM to 11:45AM Domincan from 8th Avenue/Metro Center Blvd to 9th/10th Avenues
  • 6AM to 11:50AM: 9th/10th Avenues from Domincan to Metro Center Boulevard
  • 6AM to Noon: Metro Center Boulevard from Domincan to Mainstream Drive
  • 6AM to 12:45PM: Mainstream Drive from Metro Center Boulevard to Freeland Station Road
  • 6AM to 12:45PM: Freeland Station Road from Mainstream Drive to Greenway Path
  • 6AM to 12:50PM: Greenway Path from Freeland Station Road to Caremark Building
  • 6AM to 12:35PM: Great Circle Road (SB Only) from Convergys Building to Metro Center Boulevard
  • 6AM to 1:00PM: Jefferson from 9th Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: 6th Avenue from Jefferson Street to James Robertson Pkwy
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: 7th Avenue from Jefferson Street to James Robertson Pkwy
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: 5th Avenue from Harrison Street to James Robertson Pkwy
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: Harrison from 8th Avenue to 5th Avenue
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: James Robertson Pkwy from Church Street Entrance to 3rd Avenue
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: 3rd Avenue from James Robertson Pkwy to Union
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: 4th Avenue from James Robertson Pkwy to Deaderick
  • 6AM to 1:30PM: Union from 4th Avenue to Woodland St. Bridge
  • 6AM to 1:50PM: Woodland Street from Union to 5th Street
  • 6AM to 7:00PM: 1st Street from Woodland Street to Russell Street
  • 6AM to 2:05PM: 5th Street from Woodland Street to Davidson
  • 6AM to 3:15PM: Davidson from Shelby Park to Victory Avenue
  • 6AM to 3:00PM: Shelby Park from All Park Roads to All Park Roads
  • 6AM to 7:00PM: Russell Street from 2nd Street to Titan's Way
  • 1AM to 7:00PM: Titans Way from Russell Street to Victory Avenue
  • 1AM to 7:00PM: Victory Avenue from 2nd Street to Titans Way

Freeway Offramp Closures:

Interstate 40

  • 6:15AM to 9:45PM: Eastbound I-40 to Broadway
  • 6:15AM to 9:45PM: Westbound I-40 to Broadway
  • 6:15AM to 9:00PM: Eastbound I-40 to Demonbreun
  • 6:15AM to 9:00PM: Westbound I-40 to Demonbreun

Interstate 65

  • 6:15AM to 1PM: Northbound I-65 to Metro Center/8th Avenue
  • 6:15AM to 1PM: Southbount I-65 to Metro Center/8th Avenue

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