The KC Downtowners Board wants your feedback! They are collecting suggestions from event attendees on what they would like to see from the organization moving forward. Questions include feedback on both the content and format of future meetings, as well as demographic data for research purposes.

The KC Downtowners started in 2000 as a casual lunch group made up of a handful of friends who worked downtown and shared a common commitment to Kansas City’s urban core. With little organized effort, the group quickly expanded from six to over 1000 people, including many influential Kansas Citians and emerging leaders. The Downtowners formula of “one-third social, one-third networking and one-third civic” seems to be a hit.

Please click this link to take the survey. Share your thoughts today! The survey will close on Monday, November 1, 2021.

Mission Statement:

The KC Downtowners is an informal association of Kansas Citians who live, work and/or play in downtown Kansas City. We are dedicated to downtown development and to promoting a positive community spirit. Our monthly luncheon programs feature guest speakers who are involved in downtown’s renaissance that inform and update attendees about the inspirational progress that is transforming our urban core. 

Recent speakers include public figures such as Mayor Sly James, former Mayor Kay Barnes, City Manager Troy Schulte, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, Rachel Hack of Google Fiber, Sasha Victorine of Sporting Innovations, Danny O'Neill of The Roasterie, Bill Dietrich and Sean O'Byrne of the Downtown Council, and many more influential Kansas Citians.  For our speakers we seek out entrepreneurs, artists, politicians and private developers who are active in the rejuvenation of downtown Kansas City.

We periodically hold after-hours social events at various downtown venues to highlight and promote our unique city. The all-volunteer Board of Directors works hard to keep expenses low so we can remain a dues-free organization and engage all interested individuals.

Statement on Black Lives Matter:

The KC Downtowners is an informal association of people who gather together to network and learn about Downtown Kansas City. Our purpose has always been to bring people together, from all walks of life, in all forms of diversity, with welcome and open arms. We stand firm in our opposition to racism in all its forms, and we stand firm in our opposition of exclusion and bullying of any type. Our mission is to continue to be a resource to our community, to raise awareness of important issues related to our city, and to include all people in the discussion that will lead to a better tomorrow.

Downtown Kansas City has evolved and transformed to the City we love today, which has come at a cost. Woven into the fabric of systemic racism throughout the United States since its founding, Kansas City also has a sordid history of segregation and exploitation of people of color which ranges from housing and development tactics used by J.C. Nichols to the Race Riots in the 1960s to the protests against police brutality that are happening today.

Even though our words may not be perfect, it’s essential for people to know where we stand at this point in history - Black Lives Matter.

Even though our actions may not be perfect, we will continue to focus on inclusion and diversity in our Board of Directors, the featured speakers and topics, and invited guests to our luncheons. All are welcome and we are committed to keeping it this way.

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