It’s Time to Cowboy Up

Got that feelin’?
It’s called chemistry, the spark that ignites the internal flame. We know it from the minute we meet The One – or maybe during that first kiss.
And for plenty of people, the annual Show-Me State rodeo at the Lone Wolf Ranch Arena, south of Kansas City, is fertile ground in that search for love.
The ideal man can slide on those Wranglers, those boots, and that wide-brimmed cowboy hat and two-step on the dance floor on Saturday night, yet spend Sunday morning in bed with breakfast. Yes, that man with a dual personality!
Wait, back up -- I don’t mean certifiable. Check all crazy and mental at the door. We want that guy who fits the image we know from the movies and from our dreams -- a laidback cowboy sitting on a fence in a tranquil scene. We desire that extroverted man with a hint of introvert – a down-to-earth kind of guy. Someone who will make us laugh and take that 8-second dance.
In most cases, it is really simple. He’s a little rough around the edges, with a heart of gold. He is not afraid to be himself and, of course, follow the three rules of love – be honest, be open, and be willing to communicate.
Is there a perfect fit to love and relationships? Sure, there is. We want a man who is comfortable outdoors, indoors, and on the dance floor. One who lives life -- all parts of life. One who, when he looks at you, makes you feel like a king -- and for some, a queen. One who is your hero, who takes the ride to the end for the prize.
The main attraction
Several traits of a cowboy can make us go gaga – the walk, the talk, the clothes. But the one thing that can melt us like a stick of butter any day is the way he looks at us. As they say, the eyes are the direct path to a person’s soul. If he is into you, you will know it when your eyes meet and your heart begins to flutter.
Major turn-offs
Sure, we all have them. But make sure that list in the back of your head isn’t too out-of-reach, or The One may just slip away.
Keep it in your pants, boys
Your wallet, that is. If all a guy wants to talk about are his material attributes or he starts out with a cheesy pickup line, head for the hills.
The bottom line
We all want to find the yin to our yang. We want and need that balancing energy in a partner. It’s about achieving a balance in life.
All in all, finding The One – whether he’s a cowboy or not -- may come more easily to some than to others. Sometimes you just have to pull the weeds from the garden, but have fun and keep on sowing and plowing. The payoff is a beautiful flower, sweeter than you could ever have imagined.
Peace & Love Always,
Sparky Valentine

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