It's Geaux Time!

I swear we're time traveling, because I'm certain I've woken up in the beginning of the French Revolution. The distance between rich and poor has never been greater. The wealthy who run the right-wing party have gone full French aristocracy. The president doesn't pay taxes but we're jailed if we don't. For-profit incarceration is the modern-day debtors’ prison. I can't for the life of me figure out how people don't see this.

Oh, wait! Yes I can! They use bait-and-switch to carry out their cloak and dagger schemes. Instead of plainly saying "we're getting rich off your backs because, ‘f*** you, we can’.” They get the media to tell us it's the fault of gays or black people or Mexicans or feminism. They've completely tricked the population into pointing fingers at each other, blaming "the different...” You know like in WWII.

I love people blaming the problems we're having on "Jesus isn't in schools." Really? You remember when we had Jesus in schools and black children had to be escorted into schools by the National Guard?

Yeah! Those were the days! We were waaaayyyyyyy nicer to each other back then. Back in the good ol' days, when a reverend was murdered at the Loraine motel for being ungodly enough to ask that black people have basic human rights. Yeah, we were such good people then. Shut up.

All this time travel has me wondering what the French peasants got so right that we're getting so wrong. Well, for one, the poor knew they were poor rather than thinking of themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

So let me help. Look, Cletus you're never gonna be part of the 1% and here's why… The system is rigged to f*** you hard without lube. The chances you'll make it out of the working class are slim at best, so get comfortable. You'll never get rich screwing yourself or blaming minorities for your problems. If you could, Mississippi would be the wealthiest state in the nation.

Seriously, look at the statistics, they vote for Jesus hardcore and they're one of the poorest states. You wanna guess why? I'll give you a hint: a party run by the 1% doesn't give a shit about you. If you think they do, bless your heart. The liberal party isn't much better because again it's run by millionaires, but we'll tolerate them because they don't make scapegoats out of the disenfranchised. But they use them just the same.

Our two-party system has gotten us here. That and the electoral college. The sleight of hand the right... We live in a country where almost everything is becoming illegal. Wanna protest it? Cool. You'll go to jail. The government wants us quiet and compliant, or they’ll put you in a for-profit prison and throw away the key.

People, it's guillotine time. If we start beheading the "let them eat cakers"—figuratively of course—I bet they'll start listening. But let's not pretend we're above unsanitary street murders. You'd all be either taking video for social media or reposting it.

If we all said, "F*** you, we're not paying unfair taxes," what are they gonna do? Lock us all up? We make less money but pay (by percentage) more of our wages into the government than the wealthy. By the way, my favorite is seeing broke-a**es complain about "the rich being taxed to death" like they know the struggle. (Audible eye roll).

When they make it us versus us, not only are they cloaking their bullshit by distracting us, but they also create a hostile, violent environment and put the well-being of innocent citizens at risk. Like puppets we play right into it. The French revolutionists had it right. We need to rise up and take our country ... not back, back is bad, take it forward. Forward is good.

I swear, the way the media operates these days, the oppressors can take literally the clearest case of wrong versus right and make the most benign thing an evil. Just look at the way United try to use spin to vilify Dr.Dao after violently yanking him off a plane for a mistake THEY made. I swear, I wouldn't be surprised to see Girl Scouts vilified for selling cookies because they contain gluten or Obama bought some once.

The basis for the manufactured "outrage" I see now a days is literally that baseless and stupid. We need to take our brains back. Show some human empathy. I get so sick of people saying, "I don't want MY money going XYZ!" You know what? Screw you. I don't want mine going to a public that uses religion to exclude to minorities or wars or bail outs.

Guess what—if we don't have social programs and a livable wage, we have more social problems. If you're too stupid to realize that, then you can go live beyond thunderdome in whatever post-apocalyptic hell hole you want. You can hoard all YOUR money and enjoy having to home school your kids and drive a tank to literally wherever you want to go because we'll be living in a war zone. The Congo doesn't have a livable minimum wage or social programs, but hell, they're doing great!

Did you create the social problems? No. But guess what we still have to fix them. You know who else didn't create society's ills but still has to deal with them? The LGBT community. We deal with hostile "need to mind your own business" people every day. If you could really back up and think "How would I feel if law makers were attacking me?" then 1) congrats you'd have developed empathy, and 2) you'd be hardcore on Team Revolution.

We have got to work together to fix the situation we're in, which means we have to stop looking at what's different about us, stop judging others because their life choices aren't the same as ours, band together, and start putting mice up the noses of the 1%. (I could come up with these ideas all day.)

We aren't each other's enemy: we're in this together. The enemy is the palace dweller who doesn't care about the harm they do as long as they make more money. Those people are scum. They get away with it and trick us into cheering them on by way of distraction. It's high time we put pixie sticks in their pee holes… Just sayin’.






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