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We all want the coming year to be better than the year before. We all want to be our best selves and get better as we grow older. Whether that's about attaining balance, growth, maturity, or success, you've probably made a wish or two in a positive direction. But getting there is another matter altogether.

According to online learning platform, these are the top 10 most common New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Exercise more
  2. Lose weight
  3. Get organized
  4. Learn a new skill or hobby
  5. Live life to the fullest
  6. Save more money / spend less money
  7. Quit smoking / Drink less
  8. Spend more time with family and friends
  9. Travel more
  10. Read more

How you achieve these 10 goals is deeply personal and may involve many steps along the way. You could use all the help you can get, and sometime this comes in the form of a helper: a tool, a talisman, or a lucky charm to remind you of your intention. Here are a few products we have found might get you closer to your goal:


With Oak and Reed, you can both look and feel fabulous with their line of athleisure wear, yoga mats, jump ropes, meditation cushions, and so much more! Oak and Reed celebrates accessible fitness for everyone, offering high-quality and om-friendly accessories made to motivate you in your wellness journey. The accessories are designed for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. But what we like most about the Oak and Reed line is how beautiful and aesthetically pleasing they are, in contemporary and neutral shades that bring a soothing vibe into your home.


Cut down on the clutter in your life with Amy Price Designs. This colorful collection of homeware and planters adds a touch of warmth and style to any room, and best of all, they consolidate your belongings, accessories, and kick-knacks where you can find them easily. Amy Price Designs creates one-of-a-kind handmade jesmonite trinket trays, serving platters, decor trays, coasters, plant accessories, and more out of her studio in Brooklyn, New York. Available in a variety of designs that elevate any surface in your house to a design statement. Place these dishes in strategic places within your living space and you will never misplace your keys, AirPods, sunglasses, chapstick, charger, etc., etc., again!

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How about becoming your own bartender? Missologist is a new subscription box started by Nicole Schaefer designed to make cocktails and mixology more accessible to women or folks who identify as women. Each box includes cocktail recipes, tutorials, liquor recommendations, scoring and tasting cards and fun surprises. Mixology is fun and it doesn't have to be intimidating or something only guys know how to do to expert level.

Did you know what women weren’t allowed to be bartenders until 1971? And even today, mixology is still considered to be a “man’s hobby.” The Missologist subscription box brings women (and men) into the cocktail space to learn about a subject that has generally been an exclusive and elusive club, and each box contains only premium ingredients and special gifts.


Being positive and optimistic almost certainly increases your chances of living life to its fullest potential. But you might need to bring some good energy into yourself with wearable spiritual talismans and crystal-infused candles that can invite the right vibes into your life. Moonlight Jewels has products that will help you set positive intentions and soothe your soul for the year ahead. Each of their beautifully curated creations is enhanced by a unique and meaningful crystal chosen to soothe the soul and promote an ambiance of calm and relaxation. The crystal heart box is a great idea for Valentine's Day for someone you care about; the crystal infused candles are perfect for meditating or clearing the air from negativity; and the crystal necklaces in assorted shapes mean you can carry your intention with you wherever you go.


Often when we drink, we socially smoke. And a sure-fire way to avoid picking up a cigarette is to resist booze. This Malbec inspired non-alcoholic wine alternative, Karviva Unwined, is the first of its kind: and alcohol-free juice blend that doesn’t go through the labor-intensive and wasteful de-alcohol process. It’s a functional wine replacement drink that delivers a wide array of benefits. Carefully blended with tart and powerhouse fruits, this burgundy-colored drink is not overly-sweet, and tastes like the well-loved Malbec, minus the alcohol. It has its iconic smoky aroma, sophisticated layers of fruit, and a delicate balance of sweetness and tannin. This drink pairs well with meat, fatty fish, dark meat poultry, and aged cheese, plus it gives you a vitamin boost as well.


Oh the weather outside is frightful, but staying warm with the Mozy can be so delightful, even outside! Mozy: The Jacket for Your Legs means you can still use your outdoor space even in the winter time! Sit out on the back deck with friends and family and stay toasty warm with this patent-pending design which features a durable outer shell that blocks wind and water plus a plush fleece interior that helps circulate your body warmth. Its concealed elastics are a game changer, keeping your warmth close and eliminating cold air pockets. So go ahead, invite your fam onto the porch for a hot chocolate and watch the snow falling.

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The DJ-production drag duo known as Jawbreakers is asking people to take "Just a Taste" of their upcoming EP. That flavorful sample called "Boyfriend" is available now on digital platforms. If you're thinking, hey, didn't Ashlee Simpson have a song of the same name back in 2005? Yes, she did, but this version is a lot more club-friendly with an EDM edge.

The creative process has many layers as most dance songs do these days. It begins with the Jawbreakers producing the music then finding a voice to sing it. In this case, Amunda, formerly of the Australian group Operator Please. The song dismisses its punk roots and evolves into a banger bop with dancefloor disco sass much like its producers.

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Mental health impacts how you think and feel, affecting all aspects of your life. It also determines how you handle your stress and make important choices. Having good mental health is important for all ages, from children to elders. Here are the most effective ways to boost your mental health.

Stay Positive

Staying positive may be easy when you're happy, but it gets more difficult as you encounter stress. Staying positive is something you'll have to learn how to do, but it gets easier with time. Ultimately, it's up to you to see the silver lining when something stressful happens. For example, if you lose your job, you might consider it an opportunity to find a career you enjoy.

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Mykl Fstr

Move, I’m Gay, the podcast starring Francisco and Brendan (better known to listeners as Franny and Brenda) will premiere its 100th episode on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. Taped live each week from their studio in Portland, Oregon, the show has gained a national following for the comical camaraderie between its two seemingly polar-opposite hosts. While Franny dishes on the latest entertainment dirt, and maybe belts out a Top 40 hit or two, Brenda references obscure gay historical facts. There’s also a bit of politics thrown in, as the two banter, laugh and drink their way into listener’s hearts.

“I had never been a fan of podcasts,” admits Francisco. “I have only listened to a couple and most of them have been true crime, so it’s interesting to find myself hosting a comedy show. Honestly, the real reason I’m here is I broke my leg and I needed something to do with my life.”

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