Health and Fitness - Wellness and the Oscar Buzz

Oscar season is here, and it’s showtime for your health and fitness. The red carpet has been vacuumed for the Feb. 28 ceremony. Haute couture and paparazzi are coming next. This month, I’ve taken my wellness theme and mixed in all of this year’s best picture nominations.

It may feel at times as if you are stranded on the Martian planet. Don’t despair. Your friends and family can help you achieve your wellness goals even if they live across the solar system from you. Use email, texting, or Skype to help stay connected. Those loved ones will let you know they’re there to support you as you work toward wellness.

You might begin uncovering things that you didn’t want out in the open. It’s OK to shine a spotlight on some of those things. Expose the fact that you eat when you are stressed or that you hide cigarettes in the vase on the shelf above the TV. It’s so much healthier to begin addressing those issues head-on and making changes.
There’s nothing scandalous about that.

Break out of the confines of whatever room you might be stuck in. You control your life. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Be curious. Get out there and see what the big world has to offer.

Feeling mad as hell? Take that passion to the max, and use it to move down the road beyond the post-apocalyptic state you’ve been crawling around in. It’s OK to have some fury and use it to get back to good health. It’s worth the epic fight.

Life has its moments that will maul you. Don’t give up and crawl into your grave just yet. Someone who returns from a long absence is called a revenant. We all love a good comeback story. Go after life with gusto, and crush all those obstacles that try to thwart you.
It can feel like you are caught between two worlds, but it’s amazing to have choices for what makes us happy. If it’s the hipster vibe of Brooklyn that appeals to you, head that way, and if it’s a rural home with acreage, pursue that. But be wary of anyone trying to take you in a wrong direction from your well-being. Trust your instincts in life, and you will find love and happiness.
Is that a healthy lifestyle that I spy? No more swapping one bad habit for another. Build a bridge over those unhealthy ways, and get yourself to that healthier lifestyle. You’ve been through enough. It’s time to be fair to yourself. Open up to the freedom of a healthy and happy you.

No more with the big or short excuses. The old ways of eating are not getting you anywhere good. You just need to make things happen and invest in yourself. Head to the market and start buying more fruits and vegetables. Your life is certainly worth banking on. No hedging your bets on that.

Here’s wishing you Oscar gold on your health and fitness. Write your own screenplay, and make it happen!
This article of wellness is brought to you by that guy with tails, tuxedo, and a top hat. That debonair guy with a short and sweet acceptance speech is Ron Blake and he can be reached at


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