Health and Fitness - Two Emotions

I recently experienced two incredible emotions that are vying for my attention. A good way for me to get back to better health is to express these emotions with my best effort and not hold it inside anymore. I’ve chosen to explain it as follows:

It is love. It is a small word, but it can present in different ways and have many consonants and vowels. It is amazing, powerful and forever.

It’s the time on our couch at night sharing movies together. It’s his cooking and it’s my dishwashing. It’s both of these and just the intimate time we’ve spent with each other on these occasions.

It is simply knowing that he’s there when I come home at night. It is taking the dog for a walk together each evening and sharing stories of nothing and everything with each other on the stroll around the neighborhood.

It’s the warm thoughts in the cold times when he’s not sitting there with me. It’s the cool caress when he’s feeling sick with a fever and I can help him. It’s knowing that we’re always there for each other.

It’s talking nonsense and not worrying about whether I will be judged. It’s all right, and he understands, and it’s OK. It is the excitement of sharing the news of the day. We could share it with anyone but it just wouldn’t be the same. Wait until you hear about what happened today…

It’s not holding hands when we are together, but still knowing we are both very connected. It’s the song on the radio that confirms our connection.

It’s the passion of living with each other amid even all the thrilling changes. It’s watching the beauty of nature with its lightning and thunder in the big storm that holds us both speechless and captivated. It’s a time together like this when we know no words to speak and yet we have all the answers.

It’s the wind and hail and rain that come in such a monsoon fury. It seems just minutes ago that I was in such a safe place. I am tossed around in these winds of confusion.

It’s quite frightening and I’m aware that a stranger has entered our home. This is not at all what I expected. It’s cold, damp, and the fire has been extinguished. I can’t stay warm, and it’s causing me to shiver.

It’s really likely to be a mistake, because it doesn’t make sense. With a thud, it has gone from May to December. It’s evident that I no longer have my blanket. I’m on my own.

It’s not that I don’t try to reach out for his help. I do. It’s just that he isn’t extending his hand to bring me to safety. He is yelling at me, but I can’t understand anything at this point. It’s eerie, and the sound on the radio has turned to white noise.

It is amazing, powerful, and forever. It has presented itself to me with its five consonants and three vowels, and it is a big word. It is betrayal.

This article of soon-to-be wellness is brought to you by that guy with his broken heart. That abandoned guy is Ron Blake, and he can be found building his happiness back one day at a time at"

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