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June is the start of summer and a reminder to you to be proud of who you are. You are an amazing model of health and well-being. You’ve worked so hard to get straight As on your fitness report card. Let’s take a walk through the Pride festival and show off your great work.

Those six-pack abs are just the reason to take off your T-shirt. Sit-ups and crunches have done wonders for your midsection. Whether you’re 62 years young or 22 years old, everyone likes to look at a nice set of abdominal muscles.

Go ahead and order that juicy hamburger and those golden fries from one of the vendor. You’ve been careful to eat plenty of nutritious meals over the last year. That is evident from your low cholesterol level. You’ve earned a good day to eat some bad food. And don’t forget the dessert. You really were diligent these last 12 months. Have fun!

Get out on that dance floor and start moving. It’s futile to resist those great hits from the 1980s. Your treadmill jogging and trail hiking for mile after mile have given you the stamina for song after song.

Show the world your wonderful smile as you meander through the crowds of festival-goers. A great set of chompers is a great display of wellness. Dental health is very much an indicator of your overall health, and a super-scintillating smile can say that sexy is here.

Flex those arms as you curl that cup of beer to your lips. My, what beautiful biceps you have. All that dumbbell work has shaped your arms into fantastic form. Be proud of those awesome guns.

Even your wallet is healthy and happy. You can afford to get those backstage passes to meet with the entertainers for this year’s Pride. How excellent that you gave up your pack-a-day smoking habit last June. You saved more than $2,500 by taking cigarettes out of your life. Cowabunga dude!

The post-Pride party takes you to your friend’s swimming pool, and it’s time to show off your toned legs. You’ve worked so hard on them, and all those lunges, leg presses and squats have done the job. Hike up those board shorts and reveal those lovely legs.

If this column doesn’t sound like it’s describing you … then that’s OK. There’s always time to make changes. It starts right now and it starts with you. Get excited, and set some wellness goals for next year’s Pride time. Never stop being proud of who you are, and never stop being proud of who you can become.

Here’s to a healthy and hopeful Pride season for all of us!
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