Health and Fitness - Oscar Contenders Can Guide You Toward Health

Oscar season is here again, and so – unfortunately – are the 30 pounds that you had lost at one point in your life. Looks like you’re going to need those winners for best director, costume design, and film editing to squeeze you back into that Size 6 dress that’s hiding in your closet.

My theme for this 86th annual Academy Awards is your wellness. Here are my nominations for getting the best results:

You’ll need some determination, perseverance, and just good old-fashioned American Hustle to tip the scale back in your favor. It’s about getting out there and making exercise happen in your life. As someone once said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Don’t expect Captain Phillips or Captains Courageous, for that matter, to guide you out of dangerous seas. You are master and commander of your vessel, and it’s your job to steer clear of pirates that want to hijack your dreams of better fitness.

You might not be getting all the nutrients you need from the food you eat each day. Head on down to the Dallas Buyers Club, or a retailer of your choice, and grab some vitamins and supplements. Find the healthy lifestyle that works for you. You’ve got one life; make it mean something.

You probably learned that Gravity is not your friend as you get older. Sagging, flabby skin doesn’t have to be your trophy of time. It’s time you burned calories by walking, biking, hiking, or swimming. Then tighten up those muscles with weight training. Houston, we’ve got a solution.

If you want to attract Her — or him — then take a look in the mirror. You’ll need to gain some confidence and put on a happy face. You might eventually get that great body, but you’ll also need some self-esteem. Step away from the operating system and practice those social skills. You’ve got this!

Don’t ever forget that you’re always in the right place at the right time to make the right change in your life. Maybe that right place is Nebraska. You don’t need to live in the glitz and glamour of New York or Los Angeles to make your healthy changes. You don’t need to win a million dollars to better your life either. You just need you and your start button.

Start something today and stop being a captive to your unhealthiness. Like 12 Years a Slave, you can find your way to freedom and embrace your well-being once more.
Having a buddy see you through to your fitness goals is quite helpful. Philomena had a companion on her journey to find her son, and you could use one on your journey to find wellness. Never underestimate the power of synergy in achieving success. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

Find a balance in life. Stay away from being The Wolf of Wall Street or the sheep of Shadow Lane. Temper that greed with some humility. Extreme behaviors don’t make healthy lifestyles.

It is an honor just to be nominated, but we all know there’s nothing like winning. Fingers crossed that this will be your year for wellness!

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