GLAAD's virtual fundraiser Together In Pride: You Are Not Alone is a star-filled show of support

By Timothy Rawles; photos courtesy of one ·n· ten

Even though the country is pretty much on lockdown, there are ways that the

LGBTQ community is reaching out to ensure that people are being taken care of

both financially and spiritually. 

Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone is a live entertainment event and fundraiser happening on April 26 and is made possible by GLAAD.

It will focus on bringing acceptance and words of encouragement to the LGBTQ

community during the pandemic. Donations will go to CenterLink, a member-based coalition that provides

assistance to many LGBTQ Centers across the nation such as one•n•ten, a

youth-focused LGBTQ resource center.

Nate Rhoton is the Executive Director of one•n•ten, and says this event is

important right now because “LGBTQ folx are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

at a disproportionate rate.”

The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated an already struggling community that

sees higher rates of unemployment, homelessness, mental health issues,

isolation, lack of access to healthcare, and drug/alcohol dependency.

“Across America, our network of LGBTQ centers provide much of the services directly aimed at these issues,” said Rhoton. “These centers are fighting to survive due to COVID-19. Together in Pride will raise funds for CenterLink, a national organization of LGBTQ Centers with over 250 member centers, representing 45 states.  CenterLink will then disperse the funds to all Centers registered for the event, including one-n-ten.”

Aside from the monetary support, Together in Pride will also bring some levity to a downhearted situation.

Rhoton says the event will, “also show the human side of how we as a country

and our LGBTQ and allied celebrities are coming together to ensure that when an

LGBTQ person reaches out to their local center for support, someone will be

there to answer the phone.”

The LGBTQ youth in Phoenix are not without assistance even in the throes of

a stay-at-home order. Rhoton says one•n•ten wasn’t about to let their

assistance fail those who really need it.  

“Our staff quickly pivoted and developed new online and digital programming,

using the existing Q-Chat platform and Zoom based groups, to ensure consistent

support of our youth and young adults,” he says.

He adds that the Virginia G Piper Foundation, Mercy Care and a generous

community, helped launch the first one-n-ten Emergency Relief Fund on April 4.

one-n-ten volunteers

“We quickly moved to get critical assistance into the lives of our youth

through renal, utility, food and clothing assistance,” he continues. “I

consider it a true honor to do this work. Being able to issue a check, due to

the generosity of others, and pay a young person’s rent for a month, relieving

that anxiety and allowing them to focus on staying safe and healthy, makes this

all seem a little less horrible.  So many have been impacted. 

"Doing the little we can do as an organization to support those we

serve means the world. More information on applying for assistance or donating

directly to the Emergency Relief Fund is on our website at”

Together in Pride: You Are Not Alone is on Sunday, April 26, at 8 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. PT.

Here is how to watch and support:

Sign up here to watch, and you’ll get a reminder email when the program goes live.

Follow @GLAAD on Twitter and Facebook to watch live.

RSVP to the Facebook event and invite your friends.

For more information on CenterLink click here.

For more information on GLAAD click here.

Watch this video to learn more about one•n•ten.

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