Give your kids a taste of culture with family mealtime adventures

By Kimberly Blaker, March 2020 Issue.

Teaching kids about

different cultures is a great way to defeat stereotypes, break down barriers,

and help kids value and respect people who are different from them. So why not

give your kids the opportunity to experience the many cultures that make up our

diverse planet and country? A fun way to explore our diversity is by trying out

foods and mealtime customs of other nationalities and unique American regions.

If your kids

are picky eaters, don’t sweat it. There are yummy foods from every culture kids

will love. Try some of the following dishes at local ethnic eateries. If you

can’t find the cuisine in your area, find recipes online for your whole family

to enjoy cooking together.

Middle-Eastern. There are

many different Arab cuisines. The most popular in America is Lebanese. Hummus

and pita bread is a healthy mouth-watering appetizer. If your family has only

tried store-bought hummus, they’ll be in for a real treat with fresh, authentic

hummus. Deliciously seasoned chicken shawarma, which you can order as a dinner

or in a pita sandwich, is a favorite Lebanese meal.

There are several Lebanese meal customs to

keep in mind. First, dress well. Then greet your elders first and wait to be

told where to sit. Also, hold your fork in your left hand (knife goes in the

right), try all foods at the table, and be prepared to take seconds and thirds

at the offering of your host.

Indian. The food of India

varies somewhat by region, but there are several Indian dishes kids love. Curd

rice, a yogurt rice dish of southern India, is a favorite. Eat it plain or

combine it with lentils or a meat dish. Also, nearly everyone loves Tandoori

chicken, including kids. A northern India favorite is mutter paneer, a curry

dish made with peas and fried cubed cottage cheese in a tomato sauce.

A few meal customs to observe include

thoroughly washing your hands before the meal and eating with your hands. Avoid

mixing utensils between different dishes. Also, hygiene is essential, so

Indians don’t dip into shared bowls, share cutlery, or pass food with their

fingers. In rural settings, Indians dresscomfortably and sit on

floor mats.

Native American. In the

United States, there are 562 Native American tribes, so traditionally, their

foods vary depending on region and availability of certain foods. Today, they

eat much of the same foods as non-native Americans. But Indian fry bread and

Navajo tacos are still quite popular and loved by kids and adults alike.

Succotash, another tasty dish, is made with vegetables and flavored with bacon.

Mealtime customs vary by region, but

traditionally for many tribes there was no set mealtime. Everyone just dipped

into “the eternal cooking meal” when they were hungry.

Assorted indian food on black background.. Indian cuisine. Top view with copy space. Panorama, banner

Greek. Pita gyros stuffed with chicken or

pork, tomatoes, and lettuce are the most popular Greek food. There’s also

spanakopita, which is a great way to get kids to eat their veggies. These

turnovers are stuffed with zucchini. There’s also crispy and gooey Tyri

Saganaki, fried cheese, which everyone loves.

To eat like the Greeks, be prepared to

adjust your meal schedule. They eat lunch at around 2 p.m. and don’t eat dinner

before 9 p.m. Also, eating with your fingers rather than silverware is

common, even with meat. 

Irish. Shepherd’s pie is

an all-time favorite Irish dish. But don’t let ‘pie’ fool you. It isn’t a

dessert. Instead, it’s a tasty entree of beef or lamb, vegetables, and mashed

potatoes. Boxty (potato pancakes) is another Irish food kids love, as well as

leek and potato soup.

Irish food customs are quite familiar. But

keep your fork in your left hand preferably with the tines turned down. Also,

keep your elbows off the table, and don’t get wild with hand gestures while

holding your silverware.

Polish. Pierogis are one

of the most famous Polish foods with kids. These dumplings are stuffed with

potatoes, sausage, or even fruit. Polskie nalesniki, or Polish pancakes, is

another tasty dish served a variety of ways including with cheese, meat and

vegetables, or fruity quark. 

In Poland, don’t begin eating until

everyone is served and the host says it’s time to start, usually with the word

“smacznego.” Your fork goes in your left hand and knife in the right. When

you’re done eating, your knife and fork should be placed horizontally on your

plate, facing left.

Thai. Pad Thai is an

introductory dish loved by everyone. This sweet and savory noodle dish is made

with peanut sauce. Gaeng Daeng (red curry) is another delicious choice. Thai is

the hottest (spicy-hot) cuisine you’ll find. So request mild for your kids. For

dessert, don’t miss out on sticky rice served with mango!

Thai people typically use a fork and a

short spoon for eating, rather than chopsticks. Each person gets a plate of

rice. Then all the other dishes on the table are shared among each other and

poured over rice. Young kids usually sit on their parents’ laps and are

spoon-fed rather than sitting in high-chairs. 

Tacos of meat to the shepherd or marinated. Typical mexican food in a rustic table full of sauces and vegetables.

Spanish. Not to be confused with Mexican food,

one of the dishes of Spain that kids enjoy is paella, which is a rice and meat

dish. It can be made with rabbit or squid, which some kids won’t be too keen

on. But it can also be made with chicken or other seafood. Another yummy entree

is empanadas, which are pockets filled with tuna or ham and cheese.

Late dining is also standard in Spain. Plan

to eat lunch between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. and dinner between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Also, Spaniards don’t eat and run. They sometimes linger for hours enjoying

good company and conversation. 

Cajun. This style of

Louisiana cooking is well-known for its shellfish dishes and spice. Jambalaya,

made with sausage, shellfish, celery, and rice stew, is one of several

favorites. Another is gumbo, made with meat stew, seafood, and okra.

In southern Louisiana, food is relished,

and preparation is taken quite seriously. Cooks aren’t content to serve

mediocre food. So conversation about what you had to eat the night before is


Vietnamese. The most

famous Vietnamese dish for both kids and adults is Pho. This noodle soup is

often made with beef or chicken. But it’s much more substantive than the

chicken soup Americans eat. It’s usually served with fresh veggies on the side.

Another yummy dish is banh goi. These deep-fried pockets are filled with meat,

mushrooms, and other vegetables. 

The Vietnamese typically eat with chopsticks and a soup spoon. As a sign of respect, a bowl and spoon are handed to the eldest man at the table first. Don’t begin eating until everyone is seated and the most elderly man takes his first bite.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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