‘Girls With Guitars’ to be Production Company’s First Show

Ladies, make note: Four extremely talented women, vital to the lesbian community, will head over to Kansas City this month to entertain you with their acoustic stylings. The show, “Girls With Guitars: Acoustic Vibrations,” will be at 7 p.m. June 15 at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Mo. The musicians featured will be Kristie Stremel of Kansas City and Summer Osborne of St. Louis, who has played several times in Kansas City. Joining them will be Jennifer Corday of Long Beach, Calif., and Jen Foster of Nashville.
The Kansas City area only has a handful of lesbian-centered events. Among the most memorable are the yearly Human Rights Campaign Battle of the Bands, and the Girl2Girl events that occur every second Friday of the month in the Conspiracy Room of the Uptown Theater. Every so often, small shows appear that feature a few local musicians or drag kings, but these mostly rely on word of mouth for publicity and can easily be missed.
Chynsia Hinesley, who runs Girl2Girl, is a managing partner, with Marie Hale, of a new company cleverly named DYCON Productions LLC. The “Girls With Guitars” event is the debut project of DYCON.
Hinesley has traveled to many parts of the world, and she created the company because, she said, “Whenever I came home, I was struck by the lack of lesbian entertainment options in the Midwest and decided to look into how I could make a change and help my community. […> To me, it seems like if you are a lesbian in the Midwest, you are kind of left adrift in the ocean and are just hoping you will see some light in the distance that will get you to that awesome lesbian party island. It is our goal to help people get to that island sooner and faster!”
However, she adds, “Don’t get me wrong, our company is not just about partying. We are about great women and lesbian entertainment. We want to bring the type of entertainment that is inclusive for everyone. This means we are working on bringing family-friendly events as well as events that we hope every LGBTQIA person and ally will enjoy attending.”
Hinesley said her partner got on board to help her. “When I started revealing my plan to her, she was so excited about the possibilities, she would stay up all night with me helping define our goals and plan for the business. It was an amazing process.”
Hinesley then sought help from her friend Dianna Kuhlman. “Dianna has worked with many LGBT organizations throughout the years, and I knew she was looking for something more she could do for the lesbian community.”
Hinesley said she hired Kuhlman to build their website and to help with introductions of her company to different charitable organizations.
They have established a link to LIKEME Lighthouse, for example. “At Girls With Guitars, the LIKEME Lighthouse will be having a raffle in order to raise funds for their charity,” Hinesley said.
Hinesley is a big music fan, and her tastes are a delightfully complex combination, including: Pat Benatar, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Billy Idol, Journey, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Donnas, The Cure, and Postal Service.
Lesbian musicians that she enjoys, Hinesley adds, “besides girls in this concert, [include"> Betty, Brandi Carlile, Indigo Girls and so many more.”
So it shouldn’t be surprising that the four women performing at “Girls With Guitars” have different styles.
“I am definitely a fan of all of them,” Hinesley said. “The reason I picked them is simply because they all have very definable styles. For me, this means there will be something for everyone. They will each bring something to the performance that will be unique.”
For those who aren’t familiar with these artists, Hinesley suggests: “Just go to www.dyconproductions.com and listen to some music. Then I would tell you that just about every feeling you have had as a lesbian, these girls can relate.”
If more convincing is needed, look no further than these words from Hinesley: “If you want to feel empowered and be proud as a lesbian, then let Summer Osborne be your guide and teacher. If you just broke up with someone and need a song to relate to, then Kristie Stremel is your best friend. If you want to sex it up, then Corday can help you set the mood. If you are in love and need to shout it out, then Jen Foster can help you open your heart to that girl you love so much it hurts.”
Dirty Dorothy will be emceeing the show, and Hinesley is definitely a fan, “Dirty Dorothy is one of the funniest lesbian characters in the Midwest and is star of the Dirty Dorothy Show at Missie B’s. If you are not a fan yet, you might just become one when you see her at the show. She is one hard-working lesbian! She has a lot in the works, including a show in Wichita and a new Dirty Dorothy greeting card line.”
Hinesley has also sneaked in a special-treat option. “They [the performers"> all agreed to come to Kansas City a day early for a special VIP event. VIP ticket-holders will get to meet the performers on June 14 -- the night before the concert.” Hinesley said. VIP tickets include a pre-concert dinner on June 14 with the performers, entry to the Girl2Girl pre-party in the Conspiracy Room at the Uptown (women only), a “Girls With Guitars” concert T-shirt and VIP seating at the concert on June 15. Only 10 VIP tickets are available, so they will go fast.
All tickets are available at www.dyconproductions.com/events.html, which will lead you to the Ticketmaster page for purchase.
Lastly, Hinesley says, “I know it sounds corny, but I am looking forward to seeing our community come together and celebrate who we are and the lives we live.”
But there’s nothing corny about trying to bring together a community whose members some people still consider second-class citizens. With June as Gay Pride month, let the celebration of community, as well as individuals, commence.
For more information on Girls With Guitars, DYCON Productions, and the Girl2Girl events, go to:
www.dyconproductions.com and www.g2gkc.com.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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