GAY FAVES 2015: Wedding Services

We have added the Wedding Services category to our survey for the first time. Something tells us we don’t have to explain that one to you! After years of missing out on all the LGBT marriage revenue, local service providers can now reap the rewards of a more open and just society. And of course we all already have our favorites!



Wedding Venue — Belmont Mansion

Belmont Mansion bills itself as “one of the most elegant and affordable Nashville wedding venues.” Something tells us that affordable is a relative term (as in I hope you have a rich relative)! Belmont Mansion offers the prospective couple the chance to get hitched in “one of the most stately and opulent homes in the antebellum south,” and they tout their many on-hand amenities as the extras that make them a “great value.”



Wedding Coordinator — Brandon Rich

Brandon Rich offers wedding officiating, wedding coordinating/event planning and event venue management services, as well as consulting and publicity services for churches or business owners in the event industry or for other types of ventures.



Caterer — Cindy Pearson, Lipstick Lounge

Cindy Pearson may be relatively new to the Nashville catering scene, but she aims to take it by storm. Read more about her, and why she should be catering every LGBT wedding in Nashville!



Wedding Florist — Phillipe Chadwick

Phillipe Chadwick is a wedding florist of exceptional caliber, having worked as a horticulturist at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens where his design acumen helped shape the direction of the gardens. His resume includes The Antiques and Garden Show, the TPAC gala, and Chukkers for Charity. Occasionally, he hosts Volunteer Gardener on NPT.

If there is one issue with his work, it’s that his flower designs could prove to steal the show…. Trust us, it’s worth the risk!



Wedding Photographer — Myl Pack

Myl Pac is one of the best known LGBT photographers in Nashville. He has appeared as a special guest on Out & About Today, and volunteers his services to LGBT events, such as TEP’s Olympus. Our readers appreciate both the quality of his work, which is exemplary, and his commitment to the community, and they have shown it by voting him our first Best Wedding Photographer.



Place to get a Wedding Cake — Nashville Sweets

Our readers chose Nashville Sweets as their favorite place to get a wedding cake. Founders Brittany Pulley and Danielle Worley “believe every sweet can be art and should be beautiful, delicious and made with a whole lot of passion, care and laughter. Their creations reflect the style and personalities of their clients. Creative challenges and new projects are always welcome!”



Place to have a Rehearsal Dinner — Germantown Café

Germantown Café boasts of a “reputation not based on any gimmicks, but rather pure quality in dining, service, and ambience.” The reviews agree, and then some. Given its upscale atmosphere and New American cuisine, it’s easy to see why most of our readers agreed that this is THE place to host a simply elegant, inspired rehearsal dinner. But if you want to stop by just for dinner, you should know they require reservations for the evening meal.




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