GAY FAVES 2014: Professional Services

As LGBT visibility continues to rise, our voices are heard in more and more realms. But we live in a world where the idea of a “turn away the gays” bill is alive and well. So, this year we celebrate both our corporate favorites as well as our local leaders of business and professional services. It’s great to know that our community has people and institutions it can turn to when necessary.




Really, need we explain why our readers chose Abby Rubenfeld as their favorite lawyer for a second year in a row? Well, most recently Rubenfeld has become one of the attorneys in the case seeking to overturn Tennessee’s noxious ban on gay marriage. But this is just the latest in a string of cases where this prominent civil rights attorney has led the charge to protect the rights of LGBT Tennesseans. So, our readers rightfully salute her efforts!




You know, they say image is everything, and one of the first things people notice about a person is her smile. And for the second year in a row, East Side smiles has been chosen by our readers as the place

they trust the most with their smiles.


Health Services


If Nashville weren’t Music City, chances are good it would be Hospital City, and of the many fine choices available, Vanderbilt is certainly one of the best known and most respected.




We all know that many LGBT pet owners are notoriously attached to their animal companions, and so

when it comes to pet care, we are a choosy lot. This year, Value Vet again takes the top spot among our

readers as the place that maximizes care while minimizing costs. Thanks, Value Vet!


Real Estate Agent


Brian heads up Villiage Real Estate, which is truly a gay family affair (his husband, Greg Bullard, oversees accounting). If you’ve seen their ads in O&AN, you also know that Brian and Greg are proud fathers; their family is proud to help yours find the perfect home!




Walgreens may be a big national chain, but they get big points for community engagement: you see Walgreens at almost every walk and run in town, and when Nashville CARES needed a partner for a

weekend of free HIV testing in Nashville, local Walgreens locations stepped up. Hey Walgreens—next year, Pride?




Bank of America is an industry goliath with locations nearly everywhere. With satellite ATMs in parking lots, those nifty ATM deposits, and a great app, you can do most everything on the go. And we do value convenience.


LGBT-Owned Business


The Lipstick Lounge is the epitome of an LGBT-owned business that truly engages that sometimes forgotten community spirit of openness and welcome for all people, LGBT or otherwise. As they say on their website, “Come as you are, no matter what you are. You’re part of the human family, and this is

your home.”




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