Fitness Tips For Pride Season

This year, we finally might get the pride season we deserve, so you really have to look your best for the summer. If you want to parade in your new wardrobe or show off your seductive body at the beach, here are a few fitness tips for pride season you can start applying today to be ready for the summer. 

You need SMART goals

Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals will get you to the finish line much quicker. An aim to “lose weight” is too broad. Instead, go for something more SMART-related like “I want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks” and kick-start your fitness journey

Fill up your plate with steamed veggies

If you’re used to big portions and a full plate, ditch fries for something much more filling and better for your diet—steamed veggies. Today you can find many frozen options you can quickly prepare in the microwave if you’re busy. These foods will improve your digestion, fill up your stomach and give you good energy to kick ass during your workouts. 

Load up on good carbs

Not all carbs are bad. Actually, they are necessary for the normal functioning of your body, but you need to make smart carb choices if you want to lose weight and get ripped. Think high-fiber foods like whole grains, veggies, fruits and beans instead of potatoes, white bread, pasta and cereal. Fiber in good carb foods prevents blood sugar spikes and makes you feel full for longer. 

Being busy is not an excuse to eat junk

Many of us work full time, commute and have after-work obligations, these don’t offer an excuse to eat unhealthily. If you’re a busy guy, don’t worry—you can still put fresh and healthy food into your body every day. Find a good meal delivery service and you can fuel your body the right way. Modern meal delivery services have all sorts of options from bulking to weight-loss meals. Have some dietary restrictions? You can even choose options like dairy free meals delivered daily and munch on your healthy food without any worries about stomach issues. All the foods will fit your calorie intake goals and taste absolutely delicious!  

Kick-start your day with immunity tea

It’s important to stay hydrated if you want to be strong, lower your appetite, improve your workouts and have healthy skin and hair, but stay away from sugary juice and Starbucks coffee. If you need more energy than plain water can offer, opt for immunity tea and throw it back in the morning. To boiling water add sliced lemon, a dash of cayenne pepper and oregano, some ginger and some honey to sweeten the mixture. This drink will energize you, boost your metabolism and stave off colds. 

Start working out

If you not only want to lose a few pounds but want to throw on some muscle as well, you need to hit the gym (or get serious about your home workouts). Start slow with a few workouts a week and finish your transformation with three weeks of intense workouts right before pride season to be in top shape for the beach and parades. Physical activity will also do wonders for your mental health and satisfaction. 

Work out before breakfast

Breakfast is an important meal, but if your body is full of food before your workout, especially when it comes to carbs, you’re just going to burn these calories and not a lot of fat. If you want to get rid of stubborn fat and lose weight fast, try to work out as soon as you wake up. Keep your workouts explosive and short to retain that hard-earned muscle. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for a workout AND breakfast, grab a protein shake with blended oats and drink this shake on your way to work. 

Hire a personal trainer

For the best results, your smartest step is to hire a personal trainer. An educated professional will help you with your nutrition plan, SMART goals and personalized workout plan. You will also get additional motivation and accountability that will keep you on your path. A personal trainer will also help with form and prevent injuries. 

This pride season has the potential to be the best and wildest so far, and if you look your best, you will feel like the gay icon that you are. 

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