FAVES & RAVES 2018: Wedding Services

After years of missing out on all the LGBT marriage revenue, local wedding service providers have now been reaping the rewards of a more open and just society for a few years, but our favorites are, for the most part, tried-and-true allies who supported our community, or were part of it, even before marriage equality.


Wedding Venue—Belmont Mansion

This year, Belmont Mansion upset perennial fave, Cheekwood. Belmont Mansion is the largest house museum in Tennessee and one of a few whose history revolves around the life of a woman: Adelicia Acklen.

Belmont Mansion, photo via Facebook

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Wedding Coordinator—Ron Sanford

Ron Sanford is a character, and knows how to be an individual—and this allows him to help couples design and implement the perfect event for their special days. So if you’re looking for someone to help you organize your next soiree, he’s your man according to our readers.

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Monell’s is famous for its family-style authentic southern dining experience. Let them bring that flair to your event, as well, and make everyone feel right at home!

Monell's, photo via Facebook

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Wedding Florist—Phillipe Chadwick

Phillipe Chadwick is a wedding florist of exceptional caliber, having worked as a horticulturist at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens where his design acumen helped shape the direction of the gardens. Chadwick is a previous winner of this category, and was cover model of our 2016 FAVES & RAVES issue.

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Wedding Photography—Eric Dulberg

This year’s fave photographer, Eric Dulberg, is a real inspiration—his photography has been part of his path back from the brink, as detailed in O&AN’s February 2018 profile. His photography is artistic and captures the true essence of your event.

[NOTE: the spelling of Dulberg has been corrected in the web edition]

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Place to get a Wedding Cake—Nashville Sweets

Our readers again chose Nashville Sweets as their favorite place to get a wedding cake. Founders Brittany Pulley and Danielle Worley “believe every sweet can be art and should be beautiful, delicious and made with a whole lot of passion, care and laughter.

Nashville Sweets, photo via Facebook

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Rehearsal Dinner—Bricktops

With locations throughout the South—and two in Nashville—Bricktops specializes in classic American cuisine. Their restaurants offer the perfect ambience for a rehearsal dinner—or an anniversary date night!

Bricktops sushi, photo via Facebook

Visit their website & the Facebook page for the West End location!


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