FAVES & RAVES 2017: Professional & Business Services

With the new rise in open hatred and discrimination, LGBT people often face questions when choosing professional services: will this business accept me as a customer, will the serve my family? Anti-LGBT discrimination is still legal in this state, and we can be denied service with little warning. So it’s important to celebrate our favorite providers of business and professional services, so that other people know who they can trust during tough, or important, times. It’s great to know that our community has such high-caliber people and institutions it can turn to when necessary.


Lawyer — Loy Carney

This year our readers chose Loy Carney as their favorite lawyer in Nashville. Carney works at Rudy Title and Escrow, a full-service title insurance company located in Nashville but serving the entire state of Tennessee. Established in 1999, Rudy Title is locally owned and operated, with its charming and comfortable office located in historic Hillsboro Village. With their commitment to providing an unparalleled level of customer service, it’s no surprise our readers chose Carney this year! For more on Carney’s journey to law, see our cover story this month.


Dentist — Blackman Grove Dental

One of the first things people notice about a person is her or his smile. And after four years at the top, East Side Smiles has been overtaken by Dr. Suzie Stolarz at Blackman Grove Dental! It’s a drive out to Murfreesboro, but our readers are in love with this place!

P.S. If you don't know Suzie, you can learn more about her in O&AN: she was featured in our June 2016 issue after she appeared on HGTV's "House Hunters"!


Health Services — Vanderbilt University Medical Center

If Nashville weren’t Music City, chances are good it would be Hospital City, and of the many fine choices available, Vanderbilt is certainly one of the best known and most respected, and for years it has remained our readers’ favorite.


Real Estate Agent — Kevin Wilson, Village Real Estate

Village Real Estate is extremely popular with the LGBT community and for good reason. Agent Kevin Wilson, who was chosen by our readers this year, knows our city and our community—he’s not native but this Navy vet is also a Belmont grad and continues to serve our community well!


Bank Regions

Regions' mission is “to achieve superior economic value for our shareholders over time by making life better for our customers, our associates and our communities and creating shared value as we help them meet their financial goals and aspirations. Regions' five core values guide everything we do: Put People First, Do What Is Right, Reach Higher, Focus On Your Customer, and Enjoy Life.” Apparently our readers approve!


Pharmacy Riverside Village Pharmacy

Riverside Pharmacy is a friendly local establishment providing essential services, like compounding, health programs, and bargain-basement rates on medications that might not be covered by insurance, such as non-branded alternatives to Viagra. Check out this independent local business for more information.


LGBT-Owned Business — Stirrup Nashville

In the year since Ryan Brown assumed ownership of this nearly ten-year-old stalwart, many things have changed: the bar was renovated, it's smoke free, and a new slate of events have breathed new life into the place. Our readers noticed! As one reviewer posted: “The new owner keeps everyone informed on events and gives all patrons a great neighborhood feel. The bartenders know you and your drink orders without asking. Fantastic bar food and some of the best drink specials in town. With Sunday Funday, trivia night, comedy shows, pint nights, darts, and special events, Stirrup has you covered.”


LGBT­-Owned New Business — Peckers Bar & Grill

Peckers is a brand-new LGBT bar opened by the former owners of Blue Genes, Mike Brown and Will Pulley, with the assistance of Timmy Harkum who is serving as a manager. The bar has a great ambiance, good specials, and an expanding array of activities. And most importanty, unlike Blue Genes, it has a parking lot. Check it out!





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