Arizona's pooch parents not only love their four-legged fur family: puppies in the Grand Canyon State love their human parents back. And they show it through one key trait: Obedience.

In the latest survey released by One Vet to rank the US states with the most obedient dogs, it revealed that the dog obedience rate in Arizona is 5.39% higher than the national rate in the USA, which placed them in the number 3 spot.

The respondents were asked to rate their pooch’s obedience level from 1-5 and also include questions centered around teaching obedience in both new puppies and fully-grown canines.

woman sitting beside black dog on mountain woman sitting beside black dog on mountain Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Key Findings:

  • The national dog obedience rate in the USA is 3.37%.
  • Dogs in Utah are the 2nd state with the most obedient dogs scoring 6.31%.
  • Arkansas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are the states that hold 4th place scoring 4.53%.
  • Dogs in Washington, DC are the least obedient pets with a score of -7.42%.
  • 67% of dog parents started training their dogs in the first year they were born.
  • 49% of male dog parents think their dog is trained better than other people's dogs.
  • 43% of dog parents admit that they judge other people on how well their dog is trained.
  • 20% of dog parents have sent their dogs to obedience training classes.
  • 57% of pet parents say their dog listens better at home than out in public.
  • 45% of millennial dog parents say their dog listens better to them than their partner.
  • 33% of female dog parents are prevented from taking their dogs to dog parks or restaurants due to obedience issues.
  • 19% of Gen Z dog parents say their dog's obedience levels prevent them from getting another dog.

Florida has the most obedient dogs with an average obedience score that is 6.79% higher than the national average. Utah and Arizona are home to the second and third most obedient pups, ranking 6.31% and 5.39% higher than the national average, respectively.

Of course, rambunctious dogs need homes, too. According to our results, they live in Washington, where they are, on average, 7.42% less obedient. Dogs whose names are “Hey!”, “Stop that!”, and, “I said no!” also live in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, among other states. We have hope for pups in Kansas and New Mexico, who are just 2.35% less obedient than the average.

To view the full study, click here.

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