DJ Killa Chris’ July 2 top tracks includes entry from smle & oksami

DJ Killa Chris’s new playlist [CLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST] of his top ten tracks for this week includes "Can't Sleep Alone" by smle & oksami, featuring Nick Smith - and much more!


Mark Knight - You Saw Me (feat. Damon Trueitt)

Mark Knight’s new album Untold business is an amazing album. This is just one of the funky house tracks and I can’t get enough of it.

Tchami - Buenos Aires - Galantis x Bali Bandits Remix

Tchami’s album Year Zero has been remixed by a handful of brilliant producers. The vocals on this are really fun, they remind me of a talk box effect.

Dillon Francis - Love Me Better (with Shift K3Y & feat. Marc E. Bassy)

The bass and chord progression on this song are so good. The vocals are really well done and the sound design is immaculate.

James Hype - Good Luck (Feat.Pia Mia)

I love how the melody and vocals mirror each other every once in a while. It makes the bassline, synths, and vocals meld together beautifully.

Bolier - Keep This Fire Burning - Voost Remix

The vocals during the chorus are so infectious. I really like how subtle the arpeggios are during the build ups.

Funkin Matt - Hypno

The bass on this tune is massive. I really like how well the melody goes along with the gliding bassline. The vocals are a nice addition to the rest of the track; it feels like it’s just underneath the rest of the elements.

Habstrakt - The Sound

What a cool freaking track. I love the breakbeats throughout and the bass is so heavy. All the lasers and acid bass line create so much hype during the build ups and drops.

smle, oksami - Can't Sleep Alone (Feat. Nick Smith)

I love how funky this song is. The piano is so catchy and the vocals are stunning. Overall the production is really clean and all the elements are mixed perfectly.

Morgan Page & Gian Varela - Lost (feat. Fagin)

I love the vocals on this track, all the different pitched and delayed harmonies gives it a great haunting effect.

The Shamanic - Fire - (Charlie Lane Radio Remix)

This is a really solid house remix by Charlie Lane. The bassline is what stands out the most to me the most, it’s bouncy without being overwhelming.

Killa Chris has been DJing in Nashville since 2010. Finding good music has always been a passion of Killa Chris’s. So every week he is going to share some of the newest tracks from popular producers and unknown artists from all over the world.

You can find DJ Kill Chris' original productions on SoundCloud or Audius - and listen to his live and prerecorded mix sets on MixCloud. And of course visit OUTvoices Nashville for more of DJ Killa Chris’ weekly playlists!

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