By Megan Wadding, Jan. 15, 2015.

Photo credit: Ron Kedmi

Eytan Fox, writer and creator of the film Cupcakes, grew up in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Fox said he was inspired to write the film after watching a group of his friends compete on the European singing contest television show, Eurovision, which is sort of Europe’s equivalent of American Idol.

Fox, who watched his first Eurovision in 1973, that that in preparation for Eurovision 2000, two good friends of his decided, as a joke, to record a dance song with their girlfriends and send it to the committee entrusted with choosing the Israeli contender in the show.

A month later they received the astounding news that the group had been chosen to represent Israel in the competition.

“It is important to note that none of these people knew how to sing, dance, let alone stand on a stage in front of an audience,” he said.

According to Fox, during preparations and rehearsals, the band decided that if they were not successful at singing, they would at least take advantage of the popular platform and say something of importance.

“They decided to up the political undertones by going on stage with flags from both Israel and Syria, evoking a message of peace and reconciliation between us and our Arab neighbors,” Fox recalled.

Years later, while flipping through TV channels at a Berlin hotel, Fox came across Eurovision, once again, and was inspired to write a film about it.

“Suddenly I realized that I didn’t even know who was representing Israel that year,” he said. “I turned off the set and in a surge of momentum, not characteristic of me, I moved to my computer and wrote the synopsis for Cupcakes.”

Fox said that he modeled the group of friends in the film after women that lived in the building he grew up in, the kind he imagined watched Eurovision together.

“[Cupcakes] is a feel-good movie, which, like a great pop song, convinces you that everything is possible,” Fox said.

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