Creating Change 2006: Your Chance to Learn How to Fight Back

Mark your calendars, Creating Change is coming to town November 8-12, and is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

In a time where LGBT rights are being attacked from the right and dropped for easier causes on the left, Creating Change teaches the grassroots skills we need to fight for our rights. We will not be ignored, and we will not back down. Not only is this the perfect conference with numerous learning opportunities including institutes and skills conferences, iit is also the perfect opportunity for networking in the community. The time to start building strong, united communities is now, and what better place to start than our own backyard?
Plenary Speakers, First Topics, and Institutes Announced
Among the many topics for panels are AIDS/HIV; Anti-Violence/Bias Reduction; Marriage; Racial Justice; Political Education; and Faith Communities. Day-long institutes include Challenging White Supremacy; The Marriage Movement; Activism, Services, and Culture; and Equality Federation Institute.
Confirmed plenary speakers are Oscar De La O, founding member, President & CEO of Bienestar Human Services; Eddy Morales, outgoing President of the United States Student Association; Olga Vives, longtime NOW activist; Rinku Sen, President and Executive Director of the Applied Research Center; Andy Marra, Board President of the National Center for Transgender Equality; and Matt Foreman, Executive Director of the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. And there’ll be more to come!
Family and Service Friendly
In an effort to serve everyone and provide the best experience possible, Creating Change is offering such services as childcare and a cybercafé, so everyone can stay connected.
Outreach Committee Pounding Pavement for Volunteers!
Have you met someone from the Creating Change Outreach Committee yet? If not, you must be staying indoors to avoid the heat. The Outreach Committee has visited over 20 local organizations to spread the word about the conference and enlist volunteers. Over 250 have already signed up! But with over 2,500 expected to attend the conference, more volunteers are needed. In other words, we need you! As a bonus you get a discounted entrance fee.
The fever is catching. “It’s very exciting to go out to organizations in Kansas City and hear people talking about Creating Change. Our LGBT community is really uniting behind this event and the months ahead look to be fun, challenging, and rewarding,” said Host Committee Co- Chair Mitch Levine. If you’re interested in becoming part of the change for our community, contact Mitch or visit
Registration Open for All
Registration is now open for Creating Change. Lasting change begins in the local community, and we need to create a strong, unified community to ensure the success of the LGBT movement. Additionally, if you register before September 1, you can get tickets for a discounted price of $250, a huge saving from the final registration price of $350. Visit to find out how to register.
Meet the Task Force Director of Movement Building
Everyone is invited to attend the next Host Committee meeting on August 16 at 7 pm, in the North Pershing Room at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City. Come and meet Russell Roybal, the Task Force’s Director of Movement Building; he is flying in from the nation’s capitol to attend the meeting. He’s very friendly and will answer any questions you might have.
Local participation is key to success and is needed NOW. Contact Co Chair Mitch Levine at and start making a difference with your summer.

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