COVID-19 Reopening: Metro Parks Opens Some Facilities May 26

Metro Parks will open several facilities, closed in response to COVID-19, on Tuesday, May 26.  The facilities - community centers, nature centers, golf clubhouses, tennis courts, the Centennial Sportsplex, and the Parthenon – will reopen with limited capacity and guidelines established by the Metro Public Health Department (MPHD), Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

In accordance with the city’s Roadmap for Reopening, which can be found here. Metro Parks’ facilities will “open at up to 50% capacity or to the extent safe social distancing can be maintained, whichever is less. Social distancing can be accomplished through physical barriers (such as Plexiglass partitions) between people or groups.”  More detailed information regarding COVID procedures for our facilities can be found on our website at on the webpage of the appropriate facility.

Regional Community Centers

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • Fitness Centers open at half capacity (staff monitored)
  • Customers required to clean equipment before and after use
  • No personal trainers in Phase 2.
  • Fitness Classes held in gymnasium (10 participant limit)
  • Gymnasium open at half capacity (staff monitored)-No open gym, no physical contact or equipment sharing sports
  • Walking Track (only 5 patrons at a time)
  • Pools open for lap swim only (2 lanes)
  • Restrooms Open (only 2 at a time)
  • Water Fountains, Locker Rooms, and Meeting Rooms are closed

Neighborhood Centers

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • Gymnasiums open at half capacity (staff monitored)- No open gym, no physical contact or equipment sharing sports
  • Restrooms open (2 at a time)
  • Water Fountains Meeting Rooms are closed

Golf Course Clubhouses

The reopening of clubhouses ends the complimentary “walk on” status and initiates the regular fee-based golf.

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings in clubhouses
  • An employee will be at the door to allow only one customer at a time in the clubhouse to pay/check-in
  • Cups will be upside down in the hole so that golfers won’t have to reach in to get retrieve their ball
  • Customers will be asked to not touch flagsticks
  • Hours of operations will be reduced to ensure enough staff to monitor and enforce the protocols to maintain a safe environment for customers and employees
  • No riding carts, pull carts, or rental clubs will be rented
  • No rakes in bunkers, no water coolers or ball washers placed on course

Centennial Sportsplex Ice Rink

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • Figure skating and hockey skills sessions only at
  • Skaters will be screened for symptoms at point of entry
  • Only 10 people on ice, including coaches and staff
  • No bags to be brought into the facility

Tennis Facilities and Courts (Sportsplex, Hadley, etc.)

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • Singles play only. Bookings must be made in advanced at the Centennial Sportsplex and Hadley Park Tennis Facility
  • Tennis lessons, single client at a time
  • Bathrooms open
  • Water Fountain closed
  • Showers and Lockers closed

Nature Centers

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • Bird feeding, beehive maintenance, general campus upkeep, and nature display improvements will all proceed
  • Nature Play areas open.  Staff will monitor social distancing
  • Public restrooms will open as determined by the department
  • No classes, programs or lectures inside the facility
  • No group meetings


  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • A one-way path through the museum to insure social distancing
  • Touch screens in the Gallery and Gallery Lobby will not be available

Centennial Sportsplex Fitness Center

  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings
  • All patrons screened for symptoms prior to entry
  • All patrons will be required to wash hands upon entering building
  • Customers will be required to clean equipment before and after use
  • Customers will need to come dressed in workout attire and leave valuables at home
  • No “Circuit” or “Super Sets”
  • No Fitness Classes
  • Showers, Lockers and Water Fountains closed

Sportsplex Aquatic Facilities

  • Patrons will be screened (temperature check)
  • Only short course swimming allowed, one swimmer per lane
  • Stagger swimmers one lane apart, then fill in the gaps as more patrons arrive
  • 4-7 swimmers allowed at a time to allow maximum space between patrons depending on the amount of guards
  • Keep the therapy pool closed except from 8am-12pm, place an open lane splitting the pool into 2 sides to allow 2 patrons to split use of the small pool at one time while still maintaining social distancing at 6 feet
  • Close access to locker rooms, shower areas, steam room, sauna, and water fountains.

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