The Community Crown

Courtesy of Phoenix Pride, March 2018 Issue.

The Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride Pageant is a community event supported by local community organizations and numerous female and male illusionists. As a recipient of the title Miss or Mister Phoenix Pride, the winners will become the faces of the Phoenix Pride organization during their reign. Part of their duties as titleholders is to promote pride in our community, state and country, portray role model qualities with integrity and dignity at all times and raise awareness of the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program. Source: Phoenix Pride.

The 2018 Miss and Mister Phoenix Pride Pageant will take place at 4 p.m. March 18 (doors open at 3 p.m.) at The DoubleTree by Hilton Tempe’s Fiesta Ballroom, 2100 S. Priest Drive, in Tempe. For tickets, visit But first, let’s meet this year’s contestants ...

Miss Phoenix Pride 2018 Contestants




Valentina Knowles

Miss Arizona Drag 2018

Valentina loves her community and her heritage – and loves combining the two to bring you spicy Latina drag. Phoenix has given her family, friends and a platform to not only entertain, but to actually make a difference in both the LGBTQ and Latin communities. She believes in, and supports, Dreamers, undocumented individuals and refugees. If her drag allows her to make a difference or help fundraise money for a great cause, she will be there.





Alexus Montoya

Miss Imperial Pride 2018

After working so hard her first year as a title holder to bring the leather and drag communities closer together, Alexus is taking the stage for her second shot at becoming the next Miss Phoenix Pride. Alexus has donated her time to the “IGNITE Your Status” group to help educate the community on PReP, safer sex and HIV, along with being announced the Lady of the Imperial Court Reign XII. Alexus’ goal for her reign is to continue to bring the communities closer together.




Charmaine Honeywell

Miss Kobalt 2018

Charmaine’s very active in the community and she’s very excited to be back in the Phoenix Pride pageant system representing Kobalt. She is also part of the Imperial Court of Arizona, a nonprofit organization raising money for other nonprofits, and she loves to help whenever she can with other organizations. In her spare time, she loves spending time with friends and taking her two Labrador retrievers to the local dog parks.





Mya McKenzie

Miss BS West 2018

Mya a native of Arizona has been an active member in pageants and fundraising since 2006. She has a wonderful partner of six years and two beautiful dogs. To her, being Miss Phoenix Pride 2018 would be an amazing honor and opportunity to represent and be a voice for our community during one of the most volatile times in our country.




Aubrey Ghalichi

Miss Karamba 2018

Aubrey Ghalichi considers herself a glamorous and fashionable drag queen who is a perfectionist when it comes to being on stage. She’s humble, down to earth, she loves makeup and makes all my own costumes. She’s very involved in the community and is always ready to help in any way possible. She’s been performing for about five years and has holds the titles of Miss AQUA 2015 and Miss Arizona Drag 2016. Aubrey is excited to be competing, and hopefully being your next Miss Phoenix Pride, and wish the best of luck to all contestants.






Naomi Glam DeMornay

Miss Club Volt 2018

Naomi Glam DeMornay hold the titles of Miss Karambas Drag Diva 2017 and Miss Cash 2017 and is excited to be running for the title of Miss Phoenix Pride 2018. She has been carefully preparing her pageant package and excited to show everyone what she’ll be bringing to the stage. She can't wait to help the LGBTQ community in any way possible, including her fundraising efforts and loyalty to the Phoenix Pride Scholarship Program.






Sassy C. Diaz

Miss Charlie’s 2018

A performer in the Phoenix community for four years, Sassy C. Diaz has earned the titles of Miss Arizona Renaissance Newcomer Femme and Miss Arizona USofA Diva. She is very excited and honored to now be a part of the Phoenix Pride family.


Lisa St. Laurent

Miss Cruisin’ 7th 2018

Lisa St. Laurent is a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist by day and performer by night, who can be seen preforming at various clubs throughout the Valley, including Cruisin’ 7th's Plenty of Fish (all transgender review) every fourth Friday. Described as a pageant girl at heart, Lisa relocated to Phoenix from Las Vegas, where she earned the titles of Miss Vegas Pride 2015, Miss West Coast Continental 2014 and Elite 2015 to name a few. Lisa is an avid trans rights activist and a former member of Gender Justice Las Vegas.




Rubye Moore

Miss Supreme Pride 2018

Rubye Moore is best known as a co-host for the monthly variety show “SIS?!” held at BS West. Rubye is recognized in the community for her alternative makeup looks, gender-fluid fashion choices and conceptual performances. She looks forward to bringing diversity and unconventionality to the Phoenix Pride class of 2018 as she represents Miss Supreme Pride.






Vicky C. Summers

Miss Rock 2018

Originally from Flagstaff, Vicky C. Summers has been living in the Valley for the past year. With four years of drag experience, she is extremely excited to be a part of Phoenix Pride.





Carolina de la Borbolla

Miss Krazzy Latinos 2018

Originally from Cananea, Sonora, Carolina de la Borbolla started performing in 1990 and went on to win Sonora's Miss Universe title (Miss Universo Gay) in 1997. When she relocated to Mesa, she began help her new community in her spare time – which is how she meet Miguel Ortiz and Martin Rubio (Krazzy Latinos). She plans to bring her dedication to the title of Miss Krazzy Latinos 2018 and hopes to unify the community and achieve the goals of Phoenix Pride by working with her colleagues as a team.





FranZia Grande

Miss Stacy’s 2018

FranZia Grande (aka Anthony Honeywell) is a 26-year-old plus-sized beauty who is ready to make a change for the better. She prides herself in having the perseverance to make a difference, the empowerment to stand up for what is right and the patience to know that what she does may not pay off today, but will make it easier someone to get where they are destined to be in the future.



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