Brooklyn is the sweetest part of the Big Apple

This isn't the first time the Gaycation Travel Show with Ravi Roth has made its way to The Big Apple. But this is its inaugural visit to Brooklyn. In this week's episode, Ravi and friends; Shanna and Gabrielle, set their sights on everything this eclectic borough has to offer.

Ravi Roth Shanna and Gabrielle

From food to sightseeing and even Pride, Brooklyn is more than just a hub for hipsters. Come along with Gaycation and explore this diverse community where “Unity makes strength."

Gaycation Magazine interviewed Shanna and Gabrielle to get a little more insight before the premiere of the Gaycation travel show episode:

Gaycation Magazine: Who are Shanna Sciara & Gabrielle Meit?

Gabi and Shanna: We're a lesbian travel couple based in Brooklyn, NY. Early on in our relationship, we started to realize that we both loved traveling. Since Gabi is a photographer and Shanna is a videographer and video editor, we made 27 Travels as our creative outlet.

It started as an Instagram account in 2016 where we would document our trips and adventures. We also started to realize how little information exists for LGBTQ travelers and we wanted to help change that.

We hope to inspire others to explore more of the world around them, and to spread the message that travel is inclusive to everyone no matter your gender or who you love. Welcome to our journey, and we can't wait to continue sharing our adventures with you!

What is one misconception about Brooklyn that most people might have?

A lot of people think that it's all expats who live in Brooklyn because it's trendy & hipster, but there are TONS of locals! You might just have to go to the right areas. Gabi has lived in Brooklyn since she was 11 years old so she has all the best Brooklyn tips!

What kind of food can you expect to have when you visit?

Brooklyn is a melting pot of all different nationalities which is one of the reasons why we love it so much! Each area of Brooklyn has different cultures that contribute to the food scene.

For example in Sheepshead Bay you'll find a lot of Russian and Georgian food, in Greenpoint you'll find the best Polish food, Bensonhurst for Italian cuisine, and Sunset Park for Mexican & Asian food!

Shanna and Gabrielle

How should you dress when visiting?

However you want! Brooklyn is a place where everyone fits in no matter what they wear, their gender, or their sexuality.

What are the COVID safety rules in place?

As of Tuesday, New York State reached 70% vaccination rate which means that almost all COVID restrictions have been lifted! Such an amazing accomplishment considering NYC was one of the hardest hit spots for COVID-19 during the pandemic. We have come a long way and we are so happy for things to go back to normal now!

What is the best time of year to visit?

We would say the summer! Coney Island is a Brooklyn staple and it thrives in the summer months. The summer is when Brooklyn fully comes alive and you get a great mix of tourists and locals wanting to have a good time.

What's Pride like?

Brooklyn Pride is one of our favorite Pride events! It's much smaller than NYC Pride but it has a very special, local feel to it. The whole community comes together and it's so nice to see so many families and young children supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

What is the closest airport?

We have been trying to decided if JFK or LGA is closer for years haha. I think our conclusion is it depends on what part of Brooklyn you live in. For South Brooklyn, JFK is closer, and for Northern Brooklyn, it's LGA. No one wants to go to Newark … ever LOL.

What's one activity that maybe no one knows about that a visitor should definitely do in Brooklyn?

We love going to Red Hook to see the Statue of Liberty! It's probably as close as you can get to her on land. Red Hook has a beautiful pier with an amazing view of The Green Goddess. Red Hook is also just a cute area of explore in general with lots of local seafood, delicious coffee, and views of the Hudson River.

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