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Men’s Fiction

Light Before Day , by Christopher Rice – A magazine reporter becomes embroiled in a Hollywood murder mystery in Rice’s third thriller.

Scrub Match , by Bill Eisele – Two men find love in this tale of bi-racial dating and basketball.

One Night Stand , by Ben Tyler – A sunny spin on the rent-boy business fills this sex-filled rags to riches tale.

In Search of Pretty Young Black Men , by Stanley Bennett Clay – A wickedly funny look at love, sex and desire among Southern California ’s black elite.

The Book of Joe , by Jonathan Tropper – A novelist returns to his hometown, fifteen years after savaging everything about it in print.


Women’s Fiction

Dawn of Change , by Gerri Hill – Susan unexpectedly finds a friend near her family’s secluded cabin. Will she forsake her family for this chance at love?

The Kookaburra Gambit: A Kylie Kendall Mystery, by Claire McNab – Someone is smuggling opals to the U.S. inside Australian plush toys. Kylie battles televangelists and A-list celebs to find out who.

The Sacred Shore , by Jennifer Fulton – Three love stories converge in Book III of the Moon Island Series.

Distant Shores , Silent Thunder, by Radclyffe – Reunited lovers test the boundaries of love, friendship and the ties that transcend time after a near-fatal tragedy.

Abby’s Passion, by Jackie Calhoun – Passion, romance and mental health converge in this tale from Calhoun.



Ellen: The Real Story, by Kathleen Tracy – This biography traces the life of Ellen from childhood in Louisiana through her new relationship with Portia de Rossi.

Dyke Drama: Your Guide to Getting Out Alive , by Leslie Lange – Charts the evolution as it passes from dating down through breakups.

Name All the Animals, by Alison Smith – The memoir of a family clinging to the memory of a lost child, and of a young woman struggling to define herself.

Queer Facts: The Greatest Gay & Lesbian Trivia Book Ever…, by Michelle Baker & Stephen Tropiano – Film buffs already know what the Hays Code was. The rest of us have to look on page 114.

Tweakers: How Crystal Meth is Ravaging Gay America , by Frank Sanello – Fact: Crystal-meth abuse is reaching epidemic levels among gay men, with 1/3 of new HIV cases caused by the decreased mental capacity caused by the drug.



Queer As Folk: The Complete Fourth Season – Follows the continuing drama of a group of gay friends and lovers in Pittsburgh .

Sordid Lives – Olivia Newton-John and Delta Burke headline this twisted, white-trash hit movie.

The L Word: The Complete First Season – This humor-laced dramatic series explores the lives of a group of lesbians, their friends, family and neighbors.

Testosterone – This dark film noir comedy finds Dean obsessed with finding his hot lover, Pablo, who went out for cigarettes and never came back.

Gone But Not Forgotten – After a hiking accident, two men – one with amnesia – fall in love and soon discover the truth about the accident.

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