A kiki with the DRAG RACE experts

It’s an all new season, and (as of this writing) we're six episodes in, so it’s time to talk a little RuPaul’s Drag Race!

In my opinion, this season of all seasons seems to be a little farfetched. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some great moments this season so far, but I feel like the season is lacking in most areas by comparison with previous ones. For instance, I have seen a couple of outfit repeats, regardless of color changes, and lack-luster lip syncs.

I have had a few favorites this season—our hometown alumni, and recent Out & About Nashville cover model, Miss Jaidynn Diore Fierce, being one—but no one has really left me gagging on their eleganza. I was very captivated by Trixie, as we all were I'm sure, so I was very disappointed when she had to sashay away. It was especially disappointing since she was the clear winner of that lip sync, but, as RuPaul says, the decision is hers to make.

Some queens this season seem to have some pretty terrible attitudes, taking shade and laziness to a whole new level. It’s such a blessing to have the opportunity to be on the show, so it really bothers me when queens do not take it as such and give up and give in so easily. Most of the ladies from the show, while they have all displayed different views and opinions, have seemed to see their opportunity as a blessing and display gratitude. This season has a few notorious exceptions though!

A lot of the ladies this season are delivering on the "Mean Queen" game as well. Of course we all love catty queens. Still, it’s one thing to playfully throw shade but another altogether to be a drag bully. I feel some queens are singled out or bullied a little too much for my taste. We all know drag has very many types and forms so there never really seems to be any overarching rules of how you should represent your drag, yet some queens, who may not understand a drag style, tend to drop umbrella size shade.

This month I took it to the streets to find out what other Drag Race fans, including some local queens, think of the new season! Let’s find out what they had to say as Nashville gets Untucked!


Sapphire Mylan

"Honestly I am ready for everyone across the board to STEP IT UP and start to SHINE! Right now, it's a snooze fest!


Sara Andrews

"I don’t have much of an opinion to be honest. I'm just watching this year to see my friends on it. I swore last year that I wouldn't bother with it again until they include trans queens... UNLESS I had a friend on it. And I just happen to have a few this season. So I'm literally just watching to support them. Other than that, I'm bored with it and its trans-exclusivity."


Julio Bonilla

"I would like to say that so this far has been one of my favorite seasons to date, even though Trixie needs to come back for justice! The amount of bitchiness, shade, shenanigans, love, and just ridiculousness has literally left me gagging. The looks and creativity many are showing are out of this world. Some of my favorites are Katya (literally everything she says is just hysterical) and Violet, who, while bitchy, is one of the most talented and polished by far. I hope that people start just relaxing and enjoying the show for what it is, even if it’s funner to tear something apart and be catty. Because I would hate to see it go, and I know you would too!"


Veronika Electronika

"Honestly, I wish the show had more substance and focused less on vanity. It seems just as pointless as one of those real housewives shows. For a show that has a mainly gay audience, they don't really focus on what matters, especially being a community that has so much wrong to deal with, things like HIV and legal matters. And with a platform to speak to the growing straight audience about issues they might still not understand … it’s a missed opportunity. Like when someone talks about their partner or having HIV they only focus on it for about ten seconds of the episode. I really just wish it catered to and did more for the community. It really has no social connection to the real world."





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