A kiki with Dementia

The laughs just kept rolling in as I sat down with the hysterical Dementia!

Hailing from Louisville Kentucky this little lady is one that marches to the beat of her own drum. She is known for her crazy antics and original songs about her real life experiences. She is someone so unique—there is no other queen in the world like her. She has become very well known all over, while in no way, shape or form conforming to what others thought she should do.

Get to know this crazy queen a little more personally as she shares hardships, experiences and traumas all in this brad new edition. So sit back and get ready for the laughs as Dementia gets UNTUCKED!


What have been some hardships you have faced as a gay man growing up in our society?

Oh, I was being called a faggot for the first time at the age of six! I was molested in grade school and tortured in high school by the same guys who wanted me to blow them in between classes and after school (and I did by the way). [I had] all my friends turn on me because I was in love and happy for the first time ever (jealousy).

Besides that drag is much harder. Trans people and queens were the pioneers of the gay rights movement, and the money makers for the movement. With that being said, we are still being ridiculed and marginalized at every step.


What are some hardships you have faced as a drag performer?

Learning the hard way not to take anything personal: it's show business. Business being twice as big as the word show.


What can you tell our readers about the birth of Dementia?

It was all a blur, somewhere between a gutter and a peep show booth. I oozed down into the sewer where I congealed for six months and somehow ended up in a bottle of poppers (aka Jungle Juice Platinum.)


What inspires your character's look?

Kabuki, Kandinsky , and Killer clowns from outer space.


How would you describe the personality of Dementia, and how does it differ from your real life persona?

I would say [Dementia is] either drunk or soused.


How does her persona differ from your real life personality?

We are complete opposites from one another. I hate him and he hates me.


What would you say is the biggest misconception of your drag style?

That there is any meaning to anything I say or do! I am not deep, and I am not pushing any agenda: I just want to party, pass out, and piss on myself.



What is something that drives you as a performer to keep entertaining?

I would say all the twinks and their fresh young rectums. That definitely keeps me driven to entertain.


What would you say is your biggest accomplishment in your drag career?

Not being beholden of the club cartel system. To be able to be successful by doing my own thing, even though it’s not the popular choice.


How you ever had beef with other drag performers? Can you tell us what went down?

Absosmurfly! I am not a female impersonator, I am a DRAG QUEEN! There is room for everyone underneath the big Drag umbrella and most people seem to not like that at all. I have always worked outside the club system, doing things in my own way and on my own terms. For some reason that makes a lot of the other girls jealous! Isn’t that ridiculous?


Has it been hard to make advances in your career with your style being so different?

I want to say yes, but I am going to say no because I have given my life completely over to KARMA! Karma is the biggest boomerang Jesus has ever thrown my way!


What influences your musical creativity?

Everything is lyrically autobiographical. The music … I always want it to sound as if it came from a ghetto French disco in outer space!


What got you started doing your music?

I loathe lip-syncing to other people's music! I don't want to be them! I want to be me!


What are your feelings about RuPaul's Drag Race?

I think it is at times the best, and at times the worst thing that has happened to drag.


Have you ever auditioned?

No I haven't, but they came a callin’.


How did you feel about the Supreme Court ruling for gay marriage?

I was disappointed! I want three husbands not just one!


Is there a special man in your life you would want to marry?

Right now I am jonesing on Bennett Anthony, and I can't stand it! I was to French kiss him backwards.


What advice would you give to someone struggling with sexuality issues?

Craigslist and a strong cocktail! Go for the ads with no pictures on them, those are all usually the straight guys!


Who would you say has been a big influence on your drag career?

Barbette, Leigh Bowery, and my good friends Chi Chi LaRue and The Dragon Lady: enough said!




Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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