A kiki with Brooke Lynn Hytes

Holy untucked, are we raving about Nashville's newest Playmate, Brooke Lynn Hytes! Not only is she the current reigning Miss Continental, but she is an amazing performer. This lady hails from Toronto, Canada, where she was first a professional dancer studying at Canada's National Ballet School, before starting her blazing drag career.

She is a highly decorated queen, winning titles all over our neighbor to the north before expanding her career to the U.S. In 2013, she became Derby City Entertainer of the Year, and then earning first alternate for 2013 Entertainer of the Year. That very same year Miss Hytes was setting new heights in her career by also becoming Miss Michigan Continental 2013, and first alternate for Miss Continental at nationals. Being the hard working star she is, she tried her hand again this past year at Continental, claiming the crown.

If you have visited Play Dance Bar recently, chances are you have seen this queen work the stage with her jaw dropping performances, consisting of extreme acrobatics and timeless dance techniques. Meeting her has been amazing! She is extremely down to Earth and an all-around amazing human being. She was recently a part of the POP Drag Brunch raising money for Nashville Pride, showing even more how she values the community here in our lovely city.

So sit back and relax! It’s time to get untucked, as we get to know one of the newest member of the drag community here in Music City!


Who inspired you to become a performer? When did you begin journey?

My Drag Mother Fara N Hyte was the first Queen I ever saw when I was 19, and she was my inspiration...so I guess I started ten years ago!


How would you describe your onstage persona? How does it differ from your real life personality?

Sexual. I think (at least I hope) Brooke Lynn is a very seductive, feline type of performer ... at least that's what I am going for. She's also a goofball. That differs from me as a person because I am kind of shy and not exactly seductive as a man ... but the goofball part stays the same!


How did you feel when you won Miss Continental? How many times have you competed?

Honestly, I felt relieved that I never had to compete again! I also felt exhilarated and very proud of myself. It was only my second attempt!


How has winning the title changed your life?

Well, I was offered a job here in Nashville for starters, and it allowed me to apply, and get, a three year work visa to the states!


How many titles do you currently hold or have you held throughout your career?

I am currently Miss Continental and technically still Miss Canada Ultimate. I have held six titles throughout my career besides those two.


How would you describe the pageant world? How do national systems and bar pageants differ?

Expensive!! I think bar titles and national titles really aren't that different because you can get a national quality queen with a national quality package in a bar title and vice versa. I think the main difference is the organization, the prize money, and, of course, the prestige and exposure.


Were you excited to become a playmate? How did this decision come about?

Very excited! They asked me to come down and audition and the rest is history!


How would you describe your experience as a Playmate thus far?

It’s been lovely, really. The girls and the staff and management have been really welcoming.


What is the difference between drag here in Music City compared to other cities you have worked or performed in?

The performers tend to wear more clothes on stage here in Nashville.


Who is your favorite entertainer in the drag industry and why? Outside the drag industry?

Sasha Colby! I love her because she is beautiful, kind and unbelievably talented. Non drag entertainers? I would probably have to say Beyonce, Patti Labelle or Tina Turner, because they all are just that: ENTERTAINERS!


How do you feel about RuPaul’s Drag Race? Do you think it has been a positive or negative influence in the drag community? Have you ever auditioned?

I think its great opportunity for whoever gets on the show. I think it’s been positive because it’s helped mainstream drag, but it’s been negative because all these new queens think that's what drag is. They don't know or care about what came before Drag Race, which is sad to me. And, no, I have never auditioned.


What would our readers be surprised to know about you?

That I'm an introverted extravert, and that I am addicted to buying wigs.


What types of things do you do in your down time when not performing or traveling?

Eat, SLEEP, and catch up on TV!!


Do you have any other hobbies that aren't drag related?

Dance classes, sometimes, but sadly no. Drag is kind of my whole life right now.


What is the best advice you could give to an aspiring entertainer, especially ones wanting to compete in Miss Continental or any other pageant system?

Watch, learn, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and INVEST IN YOUR CRAFT!


How long does it take you to paint/ prepare for an upcoming show or performance?

It takes me about an hour and a half to get ready for a show to perform.


Do you do any celebrity impersonations or other characters in your performances?

I do Cher and Britney, and I am currently working on Celine Dion!


Where can our readers keep up with you on social media?

I’m on Facebook as Brooke Lynn Hytes, my Twitter is @bhytesbrock and my Instragram is @bhytes.





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