30 children available for adoption in Arizona —November 2020

Echo wants you to meet some Arizona kids who are in need of a forever home. If you would like to know more about these or other kids who are available for adoption via the Arizona Department of Child Safety, follow this link. Also, see our December issue's story about Dawn Wallschlaeger and Stacy Mitchell Wallschlaeger and their adoption of Skyler — a true happy-ending for this great family.

Alexander “Alex” is a self-described “old soul” who loves fantasy novels, sports, Gilligan’s Island, and classic rock. He enjoys learning about history and the military and is considering a career in the Armed Forces.

Angel and Juan are incredibly hopeful of having a forever family to call their own. Both boys share that they really want a “football family” and would love to go to Disneyland and attend church. Angel is an ASU fan, while Juan is an OSU fan. Both brothers dream of playing college football some-day.

These are AZ’s children: Angelina is a fun-loving girl who enjoys going to church and being silly.

Anthony is an athletic, funny boy with a great smile and an infectious spirit. He loves all things sports, but football is definitely his favorite. When he’s not scoring touchdowns, Anthony is tinkering with computers or telling a good joke.

Alyssa is a determined young lady who loves passionately and always wants the best for her and her sister. Ashley is loyal, loving, and forgiving. She believes that everyone deserves a second chance. Alyssa dreams of becoming a photographer or an EMT. Ashley also dreams of being an EMT and of someday earning a Ph.D.

These are AZ’s children: Beautiful is a talented singer and dancer. If she had three wishes they would be to get adopted, have a dog, and be a famous singer. When Beautiful grows up, she aspires to be a police officer.

These are AZ’s children: Casey prides himself on being respectful to others. He dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. Casey enjoys Marvel movies, heavy metal music, and veggie pizza.

Meet optimistic, creative, kind-hearted Chris. He enjoys playing basketball, football, spending time outdoors, and meeting new people. Chris enjoys school and aspires to be a music writer or producer.

Christopher is good at just about everything he tries! A great athlete who loves playing sports and staying active, his other passions include Pokémon and art – especially drawing. He’s also an excellent math student who loves the robotics club and Legos club at school.

These are AZ’s children: Dakota (a.k.a. DJ) is an intelligent, creative, active boy with quite the sense of humor and a huge personality. He dreams of becoming an inventor and joining the Marines when he grows up.

These are AZ’s children: Daniel is always willing to lend a helpful hand, whether at home or in the classroom. He longs for a family where he can spend time doing the little things, like visiting a new restaurant – especially if it’s serving Italian. Get to know him and other adoptable children at the childrensheartgallery.org.

These are AZ’s children: Danny loves being social and is always looking for ways to entertain himself. Along with being around others, he enjoys drawing, using the internet, and playing detective. Danny would love to use his detective skills as an FBI agent one day.

Delicia enjoys watching Breaking Bad and TikTok videos. She loves Sushi, shopping, make-up, and swimming. Delicia’s favorite music artist is Jhené Aiko because her music is meaningful.

Dylan is a fun-loving kid with a great smile. He recently received an award for Academic Excellence and is proud of being on the school honor roll! He enjoys math and science, especially performing experiments. Dylan would love it if his forever family had a dog.

Esteban is a polite and kind young man with many passions. He is creative and has written many of his own music lyrics. He would like to explore the possibility of becoming a singer one day. Esteban enjoys drawing and sketching, as well as origami.

Funny, honest, and mild-mannered, Frankie loves relaxing in the swimming pool and listening to music. He’s a huge fan of basketball and Mexican food – especially ceviche. He hopes to earn his college degree in business.

Gauge is hardworking, smart, funny and a great advocate for himself! He loves robotics and is excited to be building a drone. Gauge enjoys swimming and playing games. Gauge expressed that when he gets older he would like to be a mechanic and serve his country or be an architect.

Jarod is a friendly, determined young man. Aside from being good at math and working towards being an engineer someday, Jarod is an avid gamer and really enjoys Minecraft and Call of Duty.

Jessie is a talkative, adventurous, daring young boy. He likes to play outside – riding his bike and climbing trees. The ideal day for Jessie would include swimming and spending time with his favorite animals: goats, chickens, and dogs. He is currently reading the book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" but relates to the book “Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid" the most.

Kylie is outgoing and friendly. With her easygoing personality, she gets along with almost anyone. She enjoys photography and collecting all things Minnie Mouse. Using her creativity, Kylie wants to work towards her cosmetology license to provide special occasion hair and makeup designs.

Lashawna is an honors student who loves writing poetry and love songs with her friends after school. Get to know her and other adoptable children at the childrensheartgallery.org.

Lizeth, who goes by “Lizzie,” is best known for her infectious smile and larger than life attitude. Playing outside is one of her favorite things and she actually enjoys yard work! In school, Lizzie is very social and enjoys interacting with her teachers and classmates. Get to know her and other adoptable children at the childrensheartgallery.org.

Immanuelle, who goes by Manny, loves math and has aspirations of being an engineer when he grows up. He does very well in school. Manny enjoys making others laugh, by telling jokes. Manny dreams of joining the Golden State Warriors or Denver Broncos. He would love to visit the Sports Authority Field at Mile High stadium. Manny loves playing sports; especially basketball, football, and baseball.

When asked what Manny wants to do when he grows up, he proudly shares he’d like to be a “mailman”! Get to know him and other adoptable children at the childrensheartgallery.org

Martha is intelligent, artistic, kind, generous and caring. Martha wishes to be a tech engineer when she grows up. Having a great sense of humor is important to Martha, who says, “I want to be with a good family that is always there for me, listens to me and helps me out.”

You can find Romeo dancing to songs around the house, watching Spongebob Squarepants or playing basketball. Some of Romeo’s favorite foods are cheese pizza and Panda Express. He enjoys playing football and watching his favorite team- the Arizona Cardinals.

These are AZ’s children: If you ask Tirahji what he wishes for you will be inspired by his answers. He wants to be a good person and get an education. Plus, he dreams of playing football and someday going pro. While he pursues those dreams, Tirahji is enjoying his time in school. He loves “everything” about it, including math, writing and reading.

Tocara plans on attending college and becoming a juvenile court judge. Her passion is to advocate for children in the foster care system.

Travis is a curious boy who likes to be on the go. He has found simple joys in life that can sustain him for long periods of time: music, kid-friendly videos, swings, slides, and good food. He is affectionate and likes to be close to you.

Xavier has many interests; Fortnight, Transformers, Hot Wheels, music, and origami to name a few. His favorite subject in school is science, and he dreams of creating new inventions. When Xavier is jamming out, you will find him listening to pop and gospel music.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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