You Can Play is co-sponsoring Pride Night in Nashville, as it does similar events across the country, as part of its mission to ensure that LGBT fans and athletes are included without a second thought. This is because the organization believes that the benefits derived from participation in or connection with sports carries benefits of which no group should be deprived.

As the organization states: “There are countless benefits to participation in sport and sporting environments for athletes, coaches, and fans. Participation in sports teaches us dedication, perseverance, determination, goal setting, leadership skills, and how to work with others. All people should be able to experience these benefits, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.”

Last year, the Nashville Predators, in partnership with the LGBT Chamber of Commerce, made history by presenting the organizations first “Pride Night.” The event was featured on the cover of last February’s Out & About Nashville. The popular event is being reprised this year on February 23 in what promises to become an annual event.

As we pointed last year, the NHL has been at the forefront of sporting leagues that openly affirm LGBT athletes and fans. A 2006 Sports Illustrated poll of the four major North American sports leagues—the NHL, the NFL, the MBA, and MLB—found that 80% of professional hockey players would accept a gay teammate, making it the most accepting of any league.

More generally, hockey has given rise to affirming messages, such as the use of “Pride Tape” on hockey sticks, and large-scale initiatives like You Can Play, which was founded by a group of athletes involved in collegiate hockey. The organization has broadened its scope and encourages athletes and organizations in all sports to send the message that all that should matter is how you play the game, not who you are.

Last year’s Pride Night was held when the Predator’s were matched against the St. Louis Blues. This year, the event will be held on the night of February 23 when the Predators face the Colorado Avalanche. The game starts at 7:00 p.m., but before the game, all Pride Night attendees are welcome to join LGBT Chamber members at Bridgestone Arena for their February Brewing Up Business networking event.

Two ticket options are available: $56 for lower level tickets and $31 for upper level tickets. Order tickets by phone or at, and enter promo code ‘PRIDE’




Photo from 2016 Pride Night in Nashville

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