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Supreme Court of the United States, Photographer: Steve Petteway

Casting has been announced for PrideArts’ production of WHEN THERE ARE NINE. This world premiere by American writer Sally Deering is a dream play in which the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recalls the personal relationships and professional challenges she made on her life’s journey as a feminist, lawyer, and Supreme Court Justice, as she struggles to understand her legacy before it’s too late. WHEN THERE ARE NINE will be directed by Sam Hess (she/hers), who recently returned to the Chicago area after a three-year stay in Columbus, Ohio, where she directed and assistant directed several productions. WHEN THERE ARE NINE will play in The Broadway, Pride Arts Center at 4139 N. Broadway in Chicago from February 10 through March 13, 2022.

Hess’s cast will be led by Talia Langman as Ginsburg. Langman has acted with such Chicago companies as Strawdog, Silk Road Rising, Organic Theatre Company, and The Agency Collective; and in Frank Tovar’s short film A LAST GOLDEN FLASH ACROSS THE SKY, based on a story by Sherwood Anderson. Gabriel Estrada will play RBG’s husband, Marty Ginsburg, and Nicholia Q. Aguirre (of PrideArts’ CASA VALENTINA) will be Gabby – the Justice’s substitute caregiver for a day. The cast also includes an ensemble of seven actors who will play dozens of characters that Ginsburg encountered in her life of 87 years. The ensemble includes Shannon Bachelder (who will understudy the role of RBG), Hannah Boutilier (also U/S for Marty), Ginger DeLeon (also U/S for Gabby), Sarah Kinn, Zoe Nemetz, Ashlyn Seehafer, and Caitlin Wolfe.

WHEN THERE ARE NINE takes place largely in the mind of Justice Ginsburg and imagines how she might have recalled pivotal moments in her life, and how she viewed the challenges she faced and her work yet to be done. Deering’s script shows Justice Ginsburg’s deep concern for the welfare of others and captures the wit and humor for which Justice Ginsburg was known as vividly as it documents her enormous contributions to the advancement of equality in the United States.

Hess says, “I was drawn to direct this piece because it’s so clear that real life RBG felt she had more work to do before leaving the court, and we really see her character wrestle with that in the show. That urgency and ambition for more progress, paired with her physical fragility, lends itself to a heartbreaking fever dream and a totally new perspective on RBG.

Tickets to WHEN THERE ARE NINE are priced at $30 for regular performances (February 14 through March 13) and $15 for previews February 10 -13. Seniors and students will receive a $5 discount for regular performances.

Tickets will go on sale on Monday, January 3 at www.pridearts.org or by phone at 773-857-0222. There is an early bird discount of $10.00 per ticket, with the code EARLYBIRD, from January 3 to February 10.

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