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As Women’s History Month gets underway this March, the National Women’s History Museum has distributed an online Resource Toolkit that is fun, accessible, and easy to digest.

The toolkit is designed for use by everyone from individuals, educators, and students, to small nonprofits and large businesses—anyone who needs to understand why observing Women's History Month is important.

Black woman wearing sunglasses in front of a microphone Rosa Parks gives a speech at the Poor Peoples March in 1968 Photo by Unseen Histories on Unsplash

The Toolkit shares resources, programs, and events for every day of the March work week. Examples of this include the following:

  • March 8, International Women’s Day: Join the Museum for the debut of Heritage and Harmony: Her Art, Her Voice, a video series created by acclaimed pianist Donna Weng Friedman designed and dedicated to inspire and empower school-aged girls of color to find their true voice and see themselves in the faces of extraordinary women from a variety of artistic backgrounds.
  • March 15: Follow in the footsteps of suffragist advocates in Washington, DC without ever leaving the comfort of home! See the sights with NWHM’s “Mapping Suffrage: The Push for the 19th Amendment in Washington, DC” interactive mapping tool, presented in partnership with A Tour of Her Own.
  • March 21: Historic Change: Celebrate the release of the Maya Angelou Quarter and the American Women Quarters™ Program with this behind-the-scenes discussion featuring members of the team who helped bring this inspiring coin program to life!
  • March 23: Celebrate Women’s History Month with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Multi-Agency Women’s History Planning Committee. This 60-minute, virtual program will include a proclamation, panel, and entertainment to honor the month-long celebration.

Download the full Women’s History Month Resource Toolkit here.

Image Source: Cotton bro at Pexels

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