Who owns it?

Our country seems to be in such a mess economically.  We often blame other people for that mess, but what if the problem really lies with each person, including you.  What if the real problem is we do not understand money, or possessions, because we are so vested in owning things ourselves?

Really our problems with money and things begin with our distorted view of ownership.  We have this idea that we created all that is good in our life, when that is far from the truth.  If we are a people of faith, and of the book, we will begin to see that God has a place for things and money in our lives, but that too often our trust in them exceeds our trust in God.  (Oh please, just because you say you trust God does not mean you do ­ how you act is what reveals what you really trust.)

To begin to manage money effectively we must start with one very basic premise:  God owns everything, and we are just managers. In Psalm 24:1-2 we read:

The earth is the Lord¹s and all that is in it,

    the world, and those who live in it;

for he has founded it on the seas,

    and established it on the rivers.

If we take God seriously we will begin to see that God is the provider, not our jobs.  Every good gift is a direct sharing from the hands of God to the hands of God¹s people.  When we stop confusing the provision from the Provider it begins to free us from the worry and stress that is attendant to our being the self-provision that we often have found ourselves attempting. When we acknowledge God¹s ownership it also frees us from the ongoing bondage to ever changing wants because we learn that God will provide for

the deepest needs we have ­ including financial.

This week as you walk through life are you thinking you have to have the answers to all the problems? Reorient your theology to acknowledge God owns it all and you will begin to find freedom from your deepest fears and worries, because when you honestly and earnestly acknowledge the Provider

your circumstances will begin to change.




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