When the film “Flashdance” premiered 30 years ago, audiences were captivated by the story of a Pittsburgh girl named Alex who, during the day, works as a steel welder and at night transforms into an exotic dancer – all while dreaming of a better life to study classical dance. Even more though, people went crazy for the film’s soundtrack which featured hits like “Maniac” and the Academy Award winning “Flashdance…What a Feeling.” Now audiences are finding a new love for the classic story and memorable music in “Flashdance: The Musical”, which comes to Nashville for a stint at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center March 19-24.

“Flashdance: The Musical” features both hit songs from the film and original pieces written specifically for the stage adaptation. The show was first seen in 2008 overseas in London, which was followed by a tour across the United Kingdom. The current North American tour, which premiered in Pittsburg where the story takes place, is a precursor for a possible Broadway run later this year.

DeQuina Moore, a native of Houston, Texas, plays Kiki in the stage show. Kiki is another exotic dancer that befriends Alex during the show, and DeQuina plays her to the tilt with belty gusto and moves that both dazzle and hypnotize. Recently we were able to catch up with Dequina to ask her about why audiences, after 30 years, continue to love the music and the story of “Flashdance”.

How do you think “Flashdance: The Musical” is strengthened by using some preexisting popular music and some original music as opposed to all original songs?

Robbie Roth and Robert Cary did such a fantastic job bridging the two together. The audience gets to hear the sweetest new tunes that brilliantly tell the story, some of which feel like radio tunes themselves! And then they get to hear songs that already live in their bodies like "Maniac" "Gloria" "Manhunt" "I Love Rock & Roll" and "What a Feeling", and everyone loves a familiar hit record!

How is the story of relevant to audiences now?

“Flashdance” is definitely relevant today for the simple fact that anyone with a dream of any sort will relate to Alex's story! Anyone that is struggling to find their path in life and is having to battle rejection of any kind will need to see this plot unfold. Anyone that is scared to love themselves on the level that will push them toward success needs to see this production! And anyone that simply LOVES the magic of theatre, awesome talent, and needs to laugh MUST come see “Flashdance: The Musical”!

How do you think a gay audience will connect with the story?

This show couldn't get any sexier; so all my gay homies are loving it! Tom Hedley, who wrote the screenplay and created the show has masterminded this world of song and dance on a level so the excitement that's involved in watching the show just makes you yearn for more no matter who you are! Also, the ways in which Sergio Trujillo directed and choreographed is so specific and so glammed out that one is automatically connected from the start! As an African-American woman, I can certainly relate to the underdog fighting for that dream that often seems unattainable and I'm sure to our gay audience that story is one to easily connect to, as well! Trust me, the gay community will love “Flashdance: The Musical”!

"Flashdance: The Musical" makes its splash at TPAC March 19-24. For more information and tickets visit tpac.org.

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