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Family road trips were big in the '70s and '80s but after the affordable airline travel boom, the rise in gas prices and the average person working about 55% of the time, who wants to get behind the wheel to go on a cooped up car trip? Not too many.

However, we made plans and COVID laughed. The pandemic seriously affected travel plans last year and with the Delta variant casting a pall over the world's grand re-opening, mass ticketed transportation took a backseat.

People once again discovered that their cars were not only perfectly fine ways to go short distances in a pinch, but brought families and couples together without having to deal with the outside chaos.

One of those trips is a scenic trip from Orlando to Key West, Florida. By car, and a healthy speed limit, this ride averages about six and a half hours to complete non-stop. But this is a vacation after all and what would that be without some roadside excursions.

StressFreeCarRental.com has created a guide that can help you find fun and inclusive pitstops, making your journey less complicated and more spontaneous.

“Orlando Florida is home to some really exciting attractions like the Universal Studios and after that the journey to Key West includes some other great nature destinations like Miami and Hutchinson Island which has some beautiful beaches that are a must-see," a spokesperson for StressFreeCarRental said.

“We’ve put together this quick and easy inspiration guide so that eager travellers can just rent a car and hit the road without worrying too much about finding great places to stop off at.”

Florida Keys

Whether it's made by Disney or Mother Nature, Florida's keys are as magical as they are iconic. So set your car navigation system to fun and check out these awesome places on your way from Orlando to Key West from StressFreeCarRental.com.


There is no denying that one of the biggest attractions in Orlando is the Universal Studios. This isn’t too large so you could actually just spend one day here if you wish! Some people however do stay a little longer to make the most of all three of the theme parks there.Also located not too far from Orlando is the iconic Kennedy Space Center. It’s around an hour away from Orlando and is hugely popular so if you can squeeze it in it’s definitely a must-see!

Hutchinson Island

Jump on to the A1A, a well-known scenic route, and enjoy the beautiful views as you approach Hutchinson Island. The drive is scenic as it is, but if you’re looking to stop off and get closer to nature, be sure to enjoy the beaches at this location. A couple of the more popular ones include, Stuart Beach and the Jensen Sea Turtle Beach which is perfect for turtle watching (hence the name!)

West Palm Beach

Also along the way is West Palm Beach which has some great attractions but is often one of Florida’s most overlooked locations.

If you’ve got a couple of eager gamers in your family you’ll want to stop off at the Silver Ball Museum and Arcade which has over 150 video games and offers unlimited go’s once the entrance fee is paid.


The most famous spot in Florida is Miami which is known for its beautiful beaches.

South Beach still remains arguably one of the most famous and iconic beaches ever with an amazing atmosphere and it’s also popular for spotting celebrities!

Marathon Key

Marathon is located in the middle of the Florida Keys and is infamous for its white sandy beaches with crystal clear water.

Marathon Key is also home to the Dolphin Research Centre, looking after several dolphins and sea lions. Visitors can swim with dolphins and learn about all of the research done there.

Key West

And you’ve made it!

You’ve finally reached the most southern location in the USA known for watersports, beaches and nightlife!

It also has a lot of history with many famous writers like Ernest Hemingway having lived there. There’s also an Ernest Hemingway home and museum that’s a great experience.

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