Small town America. A place where most people don’t lock their door at night, where strangers are treated like neighbors, and neighbors are family. It’s where people can go to feel safe and secure from the outside world. But what happens when a family member has a secret that could destroy a sleepy little town’s tranquility?  If you live in Kentucky, all hell breaks loose.

I was born in Kentucky and Kentucky is the place I call home.  I moved from a major city in Georgia to come back home.  Maybe this city girl has seen too much in life, but I was shocked that what I found hadn’t changed. 

Not long after moving back home, I found out two girls weren’t allowed to go to prom together because they were told “it isn’t the right thing to do.”  They were told to hide who they are from the community.  I remember fearing my sexuality would be found out when I was young and in school. Then I was called a fag and dyke daily.  For these two girls to be that brave only to have the bravery stripped down to shame is ruthless and barbaric.  Bravery should be applauded not hidden like an ugly step-sister.

With Kim Davis heralded as a hometown hero, it is no wonder LGBT kids in small towns leave them. Why be who you are and get punished for it when you can go elsewhere and be celebrated?

Denying equal rights based on religious belief is a huge step back for our political system and has added to the downfall of our once great nation.  It’s become like Deliverance around here and we’re all out for those who impede on the so-called common belief system set in place.  Those in the gay community, the black sheep of the family, are hunted so their rights can be sheared away to the highest bidder. 

Now we have the bathroom issue.  When did using the bathroom become a battle cry for the religious and over anxious zealots?  When you realized the woman standing next to you was actually a man who made the dress she was wearing look better than you ever could? Who becomes judge and jury on this particular issue?  Small town America that’s who.

Five hours away from where I live, in Paintsville, a young woman was beaten to a pulp by a man for looking “too masculine.”  What’s worse is not one soul stopped to help.  Group mentality can still showcase the worse humanity has to offer.

You see, everyone gets along in a small town as long as you abide by the rules and agenda.  Stir the pot and the black sheep of the family becomes the stew at dinner time.

And that sucks for me because I’ve got a pretty mouth.




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