No headline could be simpler, yet so fundamentally important to the democracy we live in. August 1 in Kansas and August 8 in Missouri are critical dates for many candidates who support the LGBT community. Don’t let them down.
Camp endorses Jolie Justus for Missouri State Senate, 10th District. Jolie an accomplished lawyer representing many groups through her firm’s pro-bono work, and she stands strong on issues that affect all Missourians—families and singles, gays and straights alike. However, the depth of her life experience as a lesbian cannot be overlooked by anyone in the LGBT and allied community. Nor can her willingness to openly acknowledge that she is part of our community They say “adversity makes you stronger,” and those of us in the LGBT community have and will continue to see adversity, instigated by those who would judge us on their narrow “moral” grounds. Ms. Justus knows that as well.
As a voter you can make a historic difference. Statistics show that the LGBT vote can actually swing this election in Ms. Justus’s 10th district. But all candidates know that the LGBT vote is important. They’ve shown that by responding to questionnaires for the endorsements of LGBT political groups in Kansas City. You’ll see those endorsements in the ads and on the political group’s websites, also listed in the article on Gay Political Groups in this issue of Camp.
Think about the power you hold in your hands this August. It’s easy to blow off primaries, but they’re designed, appropriately, to narrow our options. Let’s make sure the choices we have in November are ones we can live with. Even if you’ve missed an election in the past, don’t let it happen this month. Vote on the 1st or the 8th. Get your friends to vote, drive them to the polling place—party after you vote—but vote, vote, vote!

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