Church Street got the star treatment on May 11, when video trucks and equipment piled up in front of Vibe club to remake a Dolly Parton classic.

Local artist McKendree shot his cover of ‘Jolene’ inside the club, making a video that is both energetic and hot. Music and lights pulsed as smoke rolled across the stage, and the steamy remake of the classic song by Dolly Parton, with a slight retelling of the story, is bound to turn some heads — and program some DVRs.

“My erotic interpretation puts to rest the story of Jolene, where Dolly is victorious in her fight to keep the temptress from getting her man,” McKendree said.

The song is produced with a fantastic dance track and vocals that is sure to get plenty of club play here and abroad. And if the video is half as much fun as the shoot, it will be a must see.

The Dolly Parton role was played perfectly by Danielle Hunter of Orlando, Fla. She is beautiful, and exudes the charm and grace of Dolly herself. It was difficult to count the male models appearing in the video, but it seemed to be around 40. Two massive, leather-clad men stood watch over the stage as McKendree sang. Cameras rolled on tracks where bar patrons usually dance. If anything can be described as too much fun, this was it.

McKendree is prolific songwriter with more than 1,000 titles to his credit. He is currently signed with Ten Ten Music in Nashville. His first gig was a Chevy commercial at age 14, and by 16 he was touring the United States with a country band. He has toured the world since, and now calls Nashville his home base.

McKendree's story is fascinating. From his beginnings as the son of a Pentecostal preacher in Arkansas, to his early days in Nashville, and his string of hits and world tours, his life is worthy of a book we hope to see some day.

For now, we can enjoy his latest album to be released in June, “McKendree Mania Volume 1” produced by Peter Brazier, a tour de force in the music industry. We should be able to view the video soon at his website, It is definitely worth a listen, and a look.

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