Dubbed “The Messiah Of Makeover,” Daniel DiCriscio is the guy whom those in the know go to when they want to show themselves at their most fabulous! Not only that, he’s a model, actor, musician and a regular celebrity commentator for networks such as VH1, Fox News Channel, and Court TV, offering the type of expert analysis on many of the entertainment industry’s hottest stories that only a true insider can.

He’s appeared on such reality shows as VH1’s Home James  and FX’s Todd TV and Cristina’s Court.

Well-known among Hollywood’s A-listers, DiCriscio captured national attention as the man who made over Paula Jones during her sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton in 1997. Of that moment when he was instantly thrust into the headlines, the Wilmington, Del., native says, “That was the biggest makeover in the world at that time. I never dreamed I would be anywhere near something like that!”

The resulting notoriety brought still more demand for his image-consulting services. Then again, here is someone who could easily be a study in luck, when it’s defined as “skill, preparation, and experience meeting happy opportunity.”

Take his move to Los Angeles, for example, which this guru of modern glamour confesses was totally unplanned.

“I was actually going to move to Japan,” he explains. After living in Scottsdale, Ariz., for about a year and a half,  his life took an exciting turn when he paid a visit to the City of Angels for his birthday. Having lunch on the Sunset Plaza in Hollywood, the brawny blond trendsetter-to-be was approached about appearing in a calendar.

“I had no idea that he was this famous photographer,” admits DiCriscio, “but I ended up posing.”

As more luck would have it, there he met hairdresser extraordinaire Jose Eber, who offered him a job at his world-famous salon in Beverly Hills.

“I remember my first day there“ he says. “My very first client was Cher and her mother!”

A stint as one of the establishment’s top stylists to the stars followed, even as his career was growing and evolving, seemingly with every clip of his scissors.

“I let it turn into more, because the clients were asking for more,” he says, referring to how they would ask his advice about wardrobe, make-up and other ways to improve the overall impression he was helping create for them. “I was doing something that just came from this natural artistic side I have, and I just let it take over.”

A born free spirit, DiCriscio says he has been intrigued by what people think is attractive as far back as he can remember.

“I’ve always been interested in beauty and how people look — and it’s not a matter of, ‘Oh, you have to look good.’ It’s just been interesting to me how people put themselves together.”

This turned out to be a talent that has served him well — particularly in a town and industry where the right image can make or break a person.

“I try to stay with people’s positives,” he says. “You can change someone’s hair, you can change their clothes, you can change everything, but what I do goes beyond all that. It goes into the way they present themselves — sitting, talking, a lot of things.”

First and foremost, though, he tries to learn something about them, their expectations, and what they hope to achieve by changing their appearance. “They have to be comfortable with the way they’ll be looking as well,” he says.

Is it any surprise then, that among his clients are Pamela Anderson, Stevie Nicks, the Barbi Twins and even Marilyn Manson?

Of Farrah Fawcett, he says, “I had the opportunity to work with her, thank God, before she passed away. She was one of my all-time favorite people.”

Even notorious prankster Sasha Baron-Cohen sought him out (albeit in a somewhat deceptive way) for his Bruno character on Da Ali G Show.

“With Sasha, the whole thing is, they lure you under false pretenses,” DiCriscio said. “I honestly had no idea what was up — I thought it was a genuine interview.”

He says they spared no expense to carry off their hoax. “They actually paid well and sent a limousine — the whole nine yards.” However, under the impression that he was meeting with a TV personality from Austria named Stefan (really Cohen in disguise,) DiCriscio acknowledges, “I remember it was on April Fool’s Day, and it set me up ’cause it was everywhere.” He added with a laugh: “But the whole thing you see there is actually real!”

But to portray Daniel DiCriscio as only involved in celebrity beauty would be doing a disservice to him. He studied law and graduated with honors, and is also one of club music’s most innovative, sought-after artists.

“Basically it’s gay dance music I do,” he says. “I really feel that sexuality is a big part of music; that’s what makes music, ‘music.’ That’s what makes you liven up.”

His single “Take Me to the Other Side” made the charts, which led to his touring with singer Grace Jones. “She called personally and had asked me to open for her,” he says.

This added bit of acclaim launched him toward the top.

“The ‘positivity’ surrounding me right now is great,” he confirms, flashing that heart-stopping smile. “I got this new CD coming out called Danielism, and it should be out by fall!”

Likewise, word is that the savvy media maverick even has his own reality series in the works. While, at this point, the particulars need to be kept a little quiet, DiCriscio does invite those interested in learning more about the show, his music, and all the other projects, to log on to: www.myspace.com/danieldicriscio or  www.facebook.com/daniel.dicriscio.

“I feel like I’m my ’book’ and I have to make it as interesting as possible so every chapter is a little different. I think that’s what makes life interesting — people being themselves,” he said. In the end, the one thing this charismatic trailblazer believes will improve anybody’s look is surprisingly simple.

“Confidence is a major thing — a lot of people don’t realize it. Confidence is a lot of being attractive. If you’re just yourself and you’re relaxed in your own skin, you honestly can do anything!”

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