The Yellow Porch in Berry Hill has become somewhat of an institution in Metro. I am asked to lunch there often, but unfortunately rarely make it. The Yellow Porch is unique in several aspects including the fact it is essentially hidden on one of the busiest roads in town, Thompson Lane. 

There are probably thousands of people who drive by every day and don’t even know it’s there. This could be a good thing since I am not sure the establishment could handle too much more attention and parking is already an adventure. 

My latest visit to The Yellow Porch was for a leisurely dinner with my partner and fellow foodie, Jason. We arrived several minutes early but were promptly seated. The place was packed and we were given a slightly cramped table for two. However, there was only one other table in the room and the privacy was much appreciated. Our waiter was friendly and knowledgeable (and, I would find out the next night, a bartender at Play too). The service and atmosphere throughout the restaurant was relaxed but professional. 

The food was well-prepared and very tasty. Our dinner started out well with a perfectly seasoned Gnocchi dish. It can be tough to get Gnocchi just right, but this chef accomplished the feat. I ordered the filet mignon as an entrée and was treated with a tender, well flavored piece of beef. 

The chef added a nice touch with a macaroni garnish, but the asparagus was just a bit woody. The filet might have been top-notch but it was dessert that was the crowning achievement. Jason had an amazing chocolate tort with raspberry collier. The tort melted in his mouth among the perfect pairing of chocolate and raspberry. After tasting Jason’s dessert, I thought I had ordered the wrong thing, that was until I took a bite of my pumpkin cheesecake. Again I was treated to a made-in-heaven flavor combination with perfect texture and balance. 

 Do yourself a favor and find The Yellow Porch!

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