This year, the Music City Sisters will be hosting their fourth Pink Panty Pulldown on Valentine’s Day. The first, held in February 2011, was the novice project of Sister Wendy Yugitov. Sister Terry Yaki, who is organizing the event this year as her own novice project, explained that the event is “an annual fashion show and fundraiser where we auction sexy underwear directly off the backsides of our gracious models. Once the winning bid is placed on a pair of underwear, the model steps behind a curtain and will throw you the underwear immediately. It’s all done in sisterly good taste!”

Sister Terry explained that Sister Wendy’s original concept was “to have an event that could benefit the community as a whole, and at the time it was the biggest fundraiser the Sisters in Nashville had done. It still remains one very successful event.” And the event continues to evolve.

This year, a diverse slate of models will represent the community. As Sister Terry said, “I plan to have people of all shapes and sizes. From previous [years] it was difficult to get representatives from the bear community, but this year we have a few models willing to bare their bear, as well as a sponsor who makes larger size underwear up to 8X. Larger men typically are neglected as many of the designers do not make larger sized undies, but we want people to know everyone has the right to feel sexy.” The Music City Sisters hope that this event will help all kinds of men do just that.

The underwear for the event is being donated by businesses, such as Pleasures on White Bridge Road and, with more forthcoming. And just as no specific group was solely being represented among the models, so it goes that the Sisters “always welcome the entire spectrum of our community to participate.” Your auction wins will support worthy causes around Nashville.

This year, Sister Terry said, the funds from this event will be going to the Music City Sisters General Fund. While the Sisters are usually raising money for other charities, they do have a few events each year to raise money for their general fund. Terry Yaki explained that, “From our General Fund, the Sisters give local charities grants and funding. The organizations that we have supported this past year out of the MCS General Fund include Oasis Center, Launch Pad, Tennessee Transgender Justice Project, Project Uno, and many others.”

Whether you want to spice up your Valentine’s Day date, or maybe just come out, meet some guys, have a great time, and help raise some money for a worthy cause, the Pink Panty Pulldown is a great evening. The event is held at Stirrup on Saturday, February 14, starting at 9:30 p.m., with the first auction starting around 10:15 p.m. For more information, check out the Music City Sisters on Facebook at





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