Welcome back to The Queens’ Table! Tonight our girls head to a favorite Nashville neighborhood, the budding Wedgewood Houston district. This hidden enclave has been known for its art galleries and distilleries and now, more recently, its eats. Its vintage industrial lofts and new constructs are continuously morphing into Nashville’s future for nightlife and dining destinations.

Right next door to one of these gorgeous cast iron industrials is Parson’s Chicken & Fish. Open for only 5 months now, Casanova and I frequent Parson’s for many reasons. It’s fun and welcoming atmosphere includes a huge back porch with plenty of outdoor dining, ping pong, and corn hole. Brunch is served everyday from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. Don’t miss out on the killer happy hour from 3:00–6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

We are greeted tableside with a round of Tequila Verdita, a green juice shot of pineapple, cilantro, jalapeno and mint. With a silver tequila back...or front. Whichever “blows your skirt up.” This super clean palette cleanser prepared us for our frozen drinks.

I had the Parson’s famous Frozen Negroni, a blend of Letherbee Gin, Luxardo bitters, sweet vermouth and citrus. For anyone that enjoys this classic cocktail, try it frozen. Casanova and Tracey had the Frozen Pisco. Where the Negroni tastes more herbal, the Pisco has a sweeter taste, but these ladies sucked back the last of the Pisco. Master manager Shannon informed us that the Frozen Pisco will be on hiatus and a new winter slushy will debut.

Be on the lookout for the Red Skeleton. She let us try the first of this new favorite, a blend of 1870 Bitters, Rye Whiskey, Peychaudes and lemon. “It’s boozy frozen kool-aid y’all!!!” Tracey shrieks nostalgia for this childhood classic. The Red Skeleton will bring back the memories then make you forget them.

As we sipped our slushies, food began arriving, starting with some shared plates. The ladies dove into the Hush Puppies, the Fried Cauliflower Basket, Mashed Potatoes and Mac & Cheese (which Casanova gives five out of five on the “THIS IS EVERYTHING” meter.) Meanwhile, Tracey was living for the Cauliflower. These little beauties are very lightly beer battered, served up with ranch powder and buffalo sauce. A must try indeed! We continued our fried food fest with a mountain of fish and chicken. The fish, super light and beer battered (an oxymoron, I know, but tasting is believing—promise!) served up with super sexy house-made tartar sauce.

The chicken, spicy, not hot, is marinated in citrus, scallions, rum, habanero, and a secret house blend of spices. And, of course, fried to perfection. If you want your chicken hot, you got it hot as they also make their own hot sauce that will keep you clutching your pearls.

Parson’s has perfected the casual, leisure, fun feel it set out to create. So casual the girls opted out of wearing nails and Tracey even served up some bearded beauty realness. Attagirl! The service at Parson’s is superior and feels as though you are among friends. It is an effortless, delicious good time.

Until next time foodies! As always, much love and good taste from The Queens’ Table. Click here to read more entries in the series.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish is located at 425 Chestnut Strett, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203.

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