Champions of the handmade movement, The Nashville Craft Mafia are hosting their winter event, Rock Your Stocking, on Sunday December 2nd at The Factory in Franklin. Disenchanted with the cookie-cutter commercial goods on every corner? Many people are turning to handmade goods for fashionable, unique gifts of the highest quality. More than 50 vendors will be featured at this event each offering one-of-a-kind items including jewelry, artwork, paper goods, accessories and clothing.

“It’s no secret that the DIY (do-it-yourself) movement is making a comeback. It’s more than a hobby; it’s quickly becoming a way of life. As a society, we are ready to get back to a place where we appreciate handmade items and the unique character they all possess. Crafting and the handmade revolution put us back in touch with each other and the world,” explains Amy from Amy Culbertson Design (

Talking about DIY becoming a way of life, diamond painting has blossomed in recent years. Not only as a way to open one's mind to creativity but also as a way of relaxation. You can find various articles on Diamond Painting and diamond painting accessories online.

For rocking shopping come on out to Rock Your Stocking held December 2, 2007 in the Jamison Hall at The Factory in Franklin. The show will run from 10am – 5pm. A charity raffle will be held to benefit The Artsy Mamas, a group dedicated to providing an artistic outlet for mothers; donations will gladly be accepted.

Event participants include:

Celena Cavala & Martin Obakke of DollAlchemy- Doll makers from Denmark: Celena, a Nashville native,
returns home for the holidays to offer handmade dolls with a magical twist.

Susan Thornton Metals – A contemporary local jewelry artist with an alluring, organic style.

Michelle Frank of Wicked Moxie, a Nashville Craft Mafia member- Michelle convert the bits and pieces
around her world into wicked little creations with attitude.

Samantha Callahan of Waxbloom, a Nashville Craft Mafia member- Dramatic paintings, prints and jewelry.

Gabriella Raphael of Mojave Desert Gems, a Nashville Craft Mafia member- Handmade beautiful and
unique pieces of gemstone and beaded wire art jewelry

Kelli Morris of Monetina Creations, a Nashville Craft Mafia member- Felted hand bags and purses for any

Alan Doulglas, The Milkman- Silkscreen onesies and toddler tees with gift bottle packaging for your favorite

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