The Miss Fits are known for creating an unforgettable drag show and most recently the fabulous trio is bringing tough issues to the table. Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Sapphire Mylan and Venus Ann Serena all have accomplished solo careers on the drag circuit, but the triple threat is now getting personal with their fans both on the stage and online.

Each of the Queens have wildly different personalities, drag styles and talents that converge to create a show-stopping ensemble that perfectly complements each performer. Jaidynn Diore Fierce, a RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Alumnus, ultimately wasn’t crowned Queen in the competition, but she certainly won the game of life, booking top dollar shows across the globe. Now, during the pandemic, she’s making it work. 

“Honey, I’m a hustler,” says Fierce. “You might see me do a show online and then you might see me out of make up delivering an Amazon package to your house.”

The girls say performing has been tough since the pandemic began, but they are still doing virtual, drive-in and socially distanced shows to make ends meet and fund their expensive costuming.

Venus Ann Serena, who rocks a trademark gothic nerd cosplayer persona, had several anime conventions and big shows booked before the pandemic, and is now focused on keeping in touch with her fans and doing virtual performances.

Sapphire Mylan, an outspoken mental health advocate, recently lost her mother during the crisis, and has focused her attention on maintaining the mental health of she and her fans.

Together, the trio is speaking out for the first time in the latest addition to their drag empire: The Miss Fits Podcast. They’ve been tackling racism, homophobia, and even relationships through the colorful lenses of drag celebrity and down to earth activism. The dissection of current events is truly remarkable, especially in the episode titled “The Black LGBTQ Experience: A Look at Racism”.

We sat down with the Miss Fits for an EXCLUSIVE interview on the new project and the three ladies did what they do best: Got down to business.

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