Raised on a farm in East Tennessee, Chris McAdoo learned to appreciate the spirit of the south and the value of labor and hard work.  The title of the show, Coming Home, marks McAdoo’s return to his in-home studio to make art full time. 

The bold art pieces relate to his fond memories of the area and things with which he grew up to the places and experiences he now shares with his family in South Knoxville.  McAdoo’s signature work primarily focuses on the people and places from his own experiences as a lifelong Southerner.  His art can be recognized for its strong, confident marks and bold statements of color.
McAdoo says the inspiration for his new series came while sitting and sketching on a dock on Fort Loudoun Lake, watching the sun go down.

“I noticed the inherent abstract nature of water and land and how they interact, creating a new reality from one moment to the next.  Trees become their pure form and water becomes expression of movement.  Letting myself be absorbed in that moment, I could not help but be taken to a place of internal reflection.  This epiphany was a look not only into who I have been, but who I am becoming as an artist and as a person,” says McAdoo.

Coming Home is an original collection of dynamic riverscape, landscape, and cityscape paintings and charcoal drawings of places throughout East Tennessee and will be on display August 3 – 31 at the Arts & Culture Alliance’s Emporium Center. Visit Chris McAdoo’s Web site to see more of his work at www.chrismcadoo.com.

Coming Home is on exhibit August 3 – 31 at the Arts & Culture Alliance’s Emporium Center, 100 S. Gay Street, downtown Knoxville.  Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9-5.  For more information, please contact the Arts & Culture Alliance, (865) 523-7543, or visit their Web site at www.knoxalliance.com.

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