Around grade seven, when all my peers were busy spending their afternoons learning how to get a girl to the movies, I was busy spending time in the company of great men. One in particular left me with a gift far better than a matinee priced evening show. He gave me knowledge; “To conceal anything from those who I am attached is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.” These words by one of history’s great men (and as it would happen—great authors) have long since been the substratum of my love life.

Mr. Diggz and I had been having a lovely long distance courtship. I had visited him for Labor Day and as I prepared to fly back home, he asked the big question; will you be mine? I was home visiting my family and friends in the Atlanta area because I was set to deploy the following week. I had packed all my things, gotten my affairs in order, and was ready for one final frivolous weekend before nine months of alcohol rehab. Some old hometown friends came up to Hotlanta to celebrate with me and we tore my old city apart…or maybe just our livers. Either way it was memorable. After three short but well spent days in Atlanta, I journeyed north to Virginia before heading back to Fort Campbell. 

Once I had landed after the hour and a half long flight, I took a small detour to the USO to grab some sustenance as I hadn’t eaten all day. This turned out to be a mistake on my part. The baggage was already being sent through the carousel for the passengers of my flight and by the time I made it to said carousel all luggage had been distributed and all unclaimed baggage (mine and another flustered looking gentleman’s) in a storage room. My first thought was ‘Great! Now I’m stuck in the airport without my shoes’. I was distraught. That was until I turned around.

There, class in his Army green, was Mr. Diggs. My frustration immediately melted away as a smile spread across my face. Resisting the urge to sprint into his arms, I settled for a brisk walk into them instead. He felt wonderful. Just how I remembered. Even in uniform he smelled irresistibly soothing, but I didn’t quite get the sensation of elation I once got when I was in his arms. The only thing I felt today was…relief. Relief to be back in his arms again. Relief to be able to close my eyes and forget everything. Forget the struggles of being so far apart, forget the odds that were stacked up against us. For now, I would consent to allow his arms to block it all out.

We left the airport and journeyed out into the wild Virginia streets. After a few well spent days it was time to come home. I was at the airport getting ready to leave when two great things happened. First, my Sergeant called me to inform me that deployment was postponed. Second, Maurice stopped me from going straight into the airport and kissed me there in front of everyone. 

“I want you to know that you are mine,” he said smiling his irresistibly handsome smile.

“What…like…like relationship yours?” I asked feeling butterflies spread through every inch of my body.

“Yes. What do you feel about that?” he asked me.

“Fucking great!” was all I could manage before kissing him again. I left the airport feeling better than ever. Deployment pushed to the right and I now had the man I had worked SO hard for. It couldn’t get any better than that.



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