There seemed to be a bit of confusion -- who exactly were we interviewing for this month’s “Camp10”? It’s the column in which we ask a well-known local LGBT figure a series of 10 thought-provoking questions. When we met with the handsome young performer Spencer Brown for a beverage during the cocktail hour, expecting him to provide us a few witty rejoinders, the inexplicable happened — a brassy blonde showgirl named Daisy and a ditzy naïf called Trampolina insisted on entering the picture and making their answers known, too.
So in the spirit of holiday generosity, we here give equal time to all three, um, people who showed up to answer our nosy questions.
1) What are your current states of mind?
Spencer is exhausted. Daisy — how is Daisy? What was the question…?
2) Who has the best idea of perfect happiness?
Spencer does … (long pause while Trampolina and Spencer argue; Spencer wins.) Spencer will say finding what you love the most in life and doing it.
3) Whose life contains the greatest misery?
Out of the three if us, I think Daisy — Daisy suffers a lot of misery. … She’s always had this dream to do something and she never quite does it. (Like the time she had a pregnancy scare during her bar Natasha days, only to discover it was a false positive and her dreams of motherhood were dashed.)
4) What is your greatest achievement in life, and who achieved it?
Getting the opportunity to make a full-time job out of performing is probably my greatest achievement (we’re pretty sure Spencer fielded this one).
5) What trait do your selves most dislike?
Daisy hates when people think she’s a dumb blonde. She knows a lot more than she lets on.
6) What do you all think are the greatest qualities a person can possess?
Daisy would say money. … (But Spencer says that thoughtfulness is high on his list.)
7) What do you all consider the most overrated quality for a person?
This goes to all of culture today — the 15 minutes of fame thing that’s going on too long for some people. It’s more about notoriety than what you have to offer an audience.
8) Who are your heroes, and why?
Trampy’s hero is her mother Vaselina. She taught her everything she doesn’t know.
9) Who indulges in the greatest extravagances, and what are they?
It’s between me (Spencer) and Daisy — we can go head to head on this one.
10) Last, who among you all is truly in charge?
I am, but Daisy wants to be — Daisy’s trying to overthrow me. So far, she’s trying to overthrow my closet. (We’re pretty sure that this was Spencer talking about Daisy, but who knows?)

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