Welcome to February, a month filled with love due to a clever marketing scheme. Whilst we gaily hold hands and make nice with those we hold dear to a very valuable organ (or several of them), I’m also reminded of how swell it is to have people on my side of the fence who aren’t quite on my side of the fence.
So, I would like to introduce to you a very fine lady who is quite the ally of the LGBT community. Just betwixt us, I’ve got a friggin’ heart on for Jessica Cox.
1. You are a great ally to the LGBT community in all the projects and causes you are involved in. What has been your greatest project, and what are you looking forward to in the coming year? 
Co-chairing Val-O-Ween 2010 is at the top of my list, for sure. It was probably the most stressful thing I’ve ever done, but it led me to all of the volunteer work that I continue to do, so it was definitely worth it. In the coming year, I’m really excited to get more involved with all of the Millennial League’s upcoming outreach projects.
2. What is it like being the president of such an amazing organization? (The Millennial League, a group of young adults, raises money for local AIDS service organizations.)
GOSH, that sounds fancy! I really wanted to be the funniest interview you’ve ever done, but (since you asked) leading the Millennial League is honestly the most rewarding experience I could ask for. It’s like a full-time job that I have to do when I’m not at my full-time job, but that I like a hundred times more than my full-time job. So ... how long ‘til they start paying me like it’s my full-time job?
3. Val-O-Ween 2011: The Amazeball is approaching. What are some highlights attendees can expect, and how much glitter should I bring?
First things first ... go to Michael’s ... buy all the glitter you see ... and that’s still not enough. Anyway, we’re really trying to stick to our grassroots upbringing by utilizing the amazing talent that we have right in K.C. (Kansas City Society of Burlesque, the Fishtank, local individual performers) and pair them with some exciting up-and-coming national performers (YouTube stars Jessica & Hunter and LA’s DJ Ryan Kenney). And, I mean, $25 for a ridiculous party with drinks included? Pretty amazing, right? I mean, Amazeballs. 
4. Aside from your volunteer work, what are a few activities you like to partake in during your leisure? 
Little-known fact: I’m a professional violinist. I play in two symphonies and at various local theaters. Once, I did a show with Cara from Real World. You’re jealous, I can tell. I also love to cook. I think I was the original Iron Chef in my previous life. You know, pre-Bobby Flay.
5. What’s your favorite romantic comedy and love song? 
The Breakfast Club! That counts, right? It’s a comedy. And there’s a LITTLE romance at the end. Yeah. The Breakfast Club. Plus, who can resist an opening song like that?! And remember that Brian McKnight song? “One, you’re like a dream come true ... two, just wanna be with you...” This boy I kind of dated in high school -- that was our song. He never knew that, but it was.
6. What is your stance on the current season of the Jersey Shore, and (like me) do you plan on writing a literary analysis of Nicole Polizzi’s (Snooki’s) new book A Shore Thing?
Do you think I’m going to get gay hate mail for saying this? Uhm ... I hate that show! I will, however, snag a copy of the book if only for the Facebook status-worthy quotes.
7. How often do you Google yourself, and how often do you Google your friends? 
I don’t like to Google myself anymore after I found out that there’s a Jessica Cox who is an armless pilot. Seriously! She’s hogging up Google, and you have to look through pages and pages of results before finding out that there are other Jessica Cox’s in the world. I Googled you right before this interview. Did you know that you’re a photographer AND Ink Magazine’s hottest reader? See how accurate that is? Not so for the Jessica Cox’s of the world.
8. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day confection? 
Christopher Elbow chocolates. Done.
9. Apparently, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air. Do you plan on purchasing a SARS-guard or inhaling it? 
Who is SARS? And why does he need a guard? I’m confused. Can I pass on this question?
10. What are your Valentine’s Day plans, and would it be too forward of me to ask for a date? 
Well, besides curing AIDS and thus becoming a worldwide heroine, Spencer Brown usually has a cheesecake party for Valentine’s Day, so I’ll probably go to his place. You can be my date for that if you want. In fact, I’m pretty sure he mentioned to me the other day that it was a pretty open party, so I think I’ll extend the invitation to all of your readers. February 14th ... Spencer’s house ... show up whenever.

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